DCFanatic Radio – TC/Preseason Over! – Live at 10pm est

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    DCFanatic Radio – TC/Preseason Over! – Live at 10pm est

    By dcfanatic, September 8, 2009 9:33 pm

    We go live at 10pm est to talk about all the questions we had coming into camp and if those were answered. We are taking calls tonight - 718.664.9719.

    Are they Over last year? What's the make up of this team? Wade - Did he change? Is Roy a #1 WR? Anthony Spencer ready for his role? The #2nd WR spot? CB job opposite Newman? How big is this Two TE offense going to be? OL Depth? Backup NT? Replacement for Zach, Burnett and Roy Williams? Special Teams improved? Who is the most important person to the 2009 Dallas Cowboys?


    The live chat room will also be open too...


    Tomorrow night we really begin the 17 week grind as we talk about the first opponent - Bring On The Bucs - with Tim MacMahon from the Dallas Morning News!

    Hope you guys enjoy the show!

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