DCN: We're going to miss him when he's gone

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Jul 25, 2014.

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    A look at the most scrutinized player in the NFL:

    What this world needs is another opinion on Tony Romo. I’m certain of it.

    Please bear with me and resist the urge to eye-roll. Throwing my hat in the contributors ring around here should call for an initiation of sorts, complete with a formal declaration, as in Name, Rank, Serial Number, and Stated Position on Tony Romo. I know and accept that what I say here will be held against me forever more, and might even prompt an audit.

    Read the full column: http://dallascowboysnation.com/2014/07/tony-romo-going-miss-hes-gone/

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    Preaching to the choir.
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    Creative article and fun read. Different perspective on his tenure. Marino was a golden boy in MIA and shares similar accolades without the wins. That has always been the way I look at Romo in comparison to Marino. The justification was always the team around Marino is holding him back, if only he had a real team, etc. Romo is presented with the opposite approach of "you got it all, why can't you finish?" when the talent really shouldn't support such questioning/expectations.
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    The LeBron reference made me lol.
  5. Bwareinrings94

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    Well done.
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  6. jday

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    Very well written sir...enjoyed thoroughly.
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  7. pastordug

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    Same ol same ol....... continue to make excuses for a QB who cannot figure out a way to LEAD. I , for one will not miss him.
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  8. Future

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    Nothing groundbreaking, but pretty good summation for those of us who believe in Romo - apologists as some might choose to say....

    What will make us miss him a lot less is if they draft a QB in the next year or two and groom him to be a replacement so that when he finally does step aside, the team can keep pushing forward.
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  9. Phoenix

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    Thanks for the post erod. Good read, well constructed article. Not too long either :)
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  10. DCBoysfan

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    Good write up sir, regardless of what side of the Romo argument you are on. I personally glad we got him.
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  11. CCBoy

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    Nice read...enjoyed it. If had some one on one confrontations with the toilet paper bunch, I'd take then and upend their stance until their heads were in a john...and just FLUSH!

    The man has earned some respect for his play in Dallas, and the media should reflect that. Instead of being like Houston and running an all world running back and Bum Phillips out of town. Maybe the Romo, Jerry, Jason haters should just shut up before they become just another Houston.
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  12. erod

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    Look at what he's had to lead. What he's accomplished has been nothing short of miraculous. Now, with a better offensive line, hopefully he won't have to be the only chance this thing has. Still need a pass rush on the other side.

    Enjoy the next succession of Quincy Carter, Anthony Wright, Ryan Leaf, Drew Henson, Chad Hutchinson, Vinny Testeverde, and Drew Bledsoe.
  13. BigStar

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    People are forgetting JJ will lead the charge in choosing Romo's replacement. The above showed his attempt with Aikman. I'm not rushing either but forbid this go round, get one high (draft) JJ (the world won't think less of you). This is when time has come, ride Romo as long as he is productive and treasure what ya got (the real talent to keep this thing formidable).
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  14. daveferr33

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    Very nice write-up.

    No question we are going to miss him.

    If Jones has proven anything, it is his utter inability to acquire a top-flight quarterback for this franchise.

    To Jones, who apparently fails to understand how good scouting and coaching connections can sometimes unearth a gem like Romo, Romo's appearance on the horizon "was a miracle."

    While Jones sits around and waits for his next "miracle," how many Hutchinsons, Wrights, Carters, Leafs, etc., will this franchise sift through?

    But enough of that. Its a new season after all, and I should adjust my attitude accordingly. Here's what I meant to say. Romo will not be missed, because if Jerry Jones has proven anything, it is his ability to hire the correct people (in this case Garrett, Wilson, etc) to find diamonds in the rough like Romo, and then develop them into franchise qbs. Not only that, if Jones doesn't want to take that well traveled route, he can draft a hall of fame qb with the number one pick overall like he did when he had very little experience as a GM. I have faith that we are in good hands.
  15. erod

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    Thanks. Kind of proud of that one, I admit.
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  16. Zimmy Lives

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    Good article -- kudos to the author! ;)
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  17. CCBoy

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    Ah, the ticket cops have arrived...park here, Jerry...can't you read, no parking until after five...over 30 yards from a stop sign...

    'signs, signs, every where's a sign, do this, don't do that...can't you read the signs?'

    Yea Jerry, don't rain on Romo's parade now...really...and now to the Kitchen cop.

    C'mon, not every view on Romo or Jason Garrett requires a token comment on Jerry.

    This is just the start of training camp, and some of us have been showing some team love the entire off season. Yea, even taking the last loss in stride, but a sporting type of view.

    If one claims that is the dumb coward's way...let's go.

    I'm just thankful that we all had a Tony Romo for pride, and yea, a hero in sports.
  18. jobberone

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    Nice work.
  19. erod

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    Thanks, I'll tell him when I see him. That sumbich owes me money.
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  20. noshame

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    Nice work erod. I rolled my eyes, but still, nice work.
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