DCN: We're going to miss him when he's gone

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Jul 25, 2014.

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    Just sad that if Romo never wins a Super Bowl, history will remember him as a choker thanks to the myopic viewpoint created by ESPN, social media, and (no offense to anybody here) mis-informed fans. Brett Favre threw more games away with idiotic decisions than any QB in history, but he's viewed as a hero because he had John Madden and Packer Nation blowing sunshine up his you-know-what for years.

    Counting the playoffs Romo has started 112 games and counting. And his career will be defined by what happened in the six "elimination games" he's lost- the all new media created category designed with the sole intention to make him look bad.
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    Farve won a Superbowl. (as the realists say)
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    "He had one of the best HC in the history of the game(parcells) 2007. Had the #3 offense and #9 defense. Still couldnt get it done. He's great from sept to nov. But at the end of the yr, i dont want him as the Cowboys qb. Thats all im saying"

    Don't confuse the fanbase by saying that Parcells was the coach for that game. Wade was the coach for that game. Parcells last game was Seattle. We all know that. Parcells did NOT have much time to work with Romo, so don't use him as a crutch to put him down when Parcells didn't stay for his tenure.

    2007 Had huge choke jobs by our receivers , and defense in the that game. Forget that one? Let the G-Men go down the field by our atrocious Wade Phillips tought tackling scheme.

    2009 Eagles/Vikes. So you don't give Romo CREDIT FOR WINNING THE PLAYOFF GAME, but you are going to blame him for the loss the following week? Argument voided.

    We got shredded against Minny because the whole team crumpled. Our OL horrid. Romo can only scramble so much. Ask Eli how not having an OL feels.

    If you want to bash Romo for the losses that is fine, but give him credit for the big games he has stepped up in so you don't come off as biased.
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    Quoted above because your quote may have been misleading to others the way it was constructed. I thought you were referencing the Seattle game the way you constructed that quote. No biggie.
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    Historically bad defenses, two years in a row, and he still produces. Sorry, he isn't the problem.
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    Pretty sure the post before i said that was his only good playoff game out of the 4 hes been in. But Felix and Barber the OL and the defense dominated that game from the word go. Dallas had almost double the TOP phill had because they pounded the football running
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    This post was ludicrous.

    First, you need to place the blame for Seattle in 2006 squarely on Bill Parcells. He took the air out of the offense - literally. Romo threw the ball 29 times, truw, but completed better than 60% of his passes, with no INTs. Meanwhile, Saettle had two starting DBs who'd been bagging groceries the previous week. Parcells refused to take advantage of the mismatch between Dallas' receivers and Seatlle's secondary. Almost everything called was short to intermediate routes. Parcells played that game "not to lose", rather than to win. It's common knowledge that when you play "not to lose", you're probably going to lose.

    2007 against the Giants - Dallas didn't throw the ball in the first half. Romo threw a total of 10 passes before halftime, Barber, meanwhile, gained 100 yards on the ground on 15 carries. Either the Giants adjusted, or the Dallas OL (and Barber) were gassed by the half, and Romo spent the entire second half facing long 2nd and 3rd down situations, He spent the entire second half running for his life. Aside from missing a wide open Owens early in the second half, he didn't throw a bad pass. Even that last pass gets him a pass due to the situation. Je jad to just throwmit up into the end zone. It wasn't a great game for Romo, to be sure, but he wasn't the reason Dallas lost it.

    2009 - Can't argue with this statement. He didn't need a good game against the Eagles. On the other hand, he had plenty of great games along the way to getting there.

    Your criticism of him for the following week is laughable. No QB in football can "step up" from his backside. That loss gord strictly on the OL and the defense.
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    Ok thank you for saying all that. I can respect your opinion because i can post something ive been wanting to post for awhile but people just seem to post the same nonsense that Romo is great and ur dumb slogan.

    Ill put it simple.

    Every QB who has won a superbowl has gone through what Romo has in these playoff games. Or better yet they have gone through that at the end of the yr and the playoffs too. But at some point they go over the hump and they won. Something Romo hasnt done. Coaching or not, they just found some way to get it done. And theres no way around it.

    Ill use Brady as an example. He went through exactly what Romo has. When he took over for Bledsoe teams rushed blitzed threw everything at him. But he always PLAYED NOT TO LOSE. And he won. He played that way in his first two superbowls. And they won. Last second FGs by Vinatieri. So this whole playing not to lose thing doesnt work. Just look at Tom Bradys career before NE started bringing in the big FAs. Ill point that they havent won a superbowl with all these big Fa's. They won them when they were playing smart and playing NOT TO LOSE.
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    Comparing Brady/Romo is unfair because New England's front office has been the best in in the business for the last decade or so. They build quality depth, don't overpay, and let go of players when the time has come, giving Brady a pretty good team around him each and every year. Something we've never done with Romo.

    If you want to compare situations, compare Romo and Peyton. What was Peyton's playoff record again before he won the SB? Still a good QB, no?
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    Why is everything so unfair when it comes to Romo? Why couldnt he lead the team in 2007? That yr everything seemed right with the front office that is so bad. 13-3 great offence, top 10 defense.

    Whats with excuse after excuse for this guy?

    How are you going to come into a thread and compare Romo to Peyton and end it with Peyton Mannings playoff record until he won the superbowl. Thats what i was talking about. They all got over the hump. Romo hasnt.
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    He did lead that team, but Crayton dropped the ball right between the numbers.
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    Did the game end there? or did they play on?
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    Here's the thing. Peyton manning never misses the playoffs and has gone deep into the play-offs numerous times. He's been to more than one superbowl, even winning one. Romo has been to the play-offs twice and won one game. I think there's a huge gulf, and even with that said, Manning still gets the label of choker.

    Nobody 'hates' Romo. We're just getting tired of this rhetoric that he's 'carrying' the team, which insinuates that essentially he's the only real talent on this team. If we were constantly in the play-offs, I could understand using the term 'carry', but there is no such thing as 'carrying' the team after continuous 8 and 8 seasons. We've done everything to make this team "Romo-friendly", but yet we still get the same results. We made Garrett back up off play-calling and gave Callahan a crack at it. We let Romo have more freedom calling plays. 3 of the 4 first rounders were spent on offense, and even many second rounders. We said if Romo just had an O-line, that would be what we needed. We gave him the O-line. Exact same results. Romo has Tyron Smith, one of the best linemen in the game. Frederick was very solid. Waters, before he went out was very solid. Hall of Fame Tight End in Jason Witten. Top 5 receiver in Dez Bryant. One of the best returnmen in Devin Harris... Just on offense ALONE we should have been in the play-offs, especially when you invest as much as you do in the offense.
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    How else do you explain us winning 16 games the last 2 years with a horrible defense and bad coaching?
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    Let me start by saying I like Romo and I'm glad we have him. That said, in reality (no pun intended) the premise of "missing him later" is misguided and not logical. In a few years, when Romo plays his last game for the Cowboys, his skills will have declined and his injuries will have probably limited his ability and mobility. At that time, we won't miss him, but rather be glad we have someone else without those limitations in his place.

    Most of us greatly appreciated Troy Aikman, but his skills had declined considerably due to his back injury and, while we were grateful for what he did for the Cowboys, most fans were ready to move on. I was a huge Emmitt Smith fan and hated how a lot of fans turned on him at the end, but even I knew it was time for him to move on if he wanted to continue his career. We've had a lot of really good players over the last 17+ years without a Super Bowl and you could argue we miss all of them using the writer's logic, but that's just not realistic.

    The only way we can accurately state that "we're going to miss Romo when he's gone" would be if he's gone much sooner such as this season or next.
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    If Favre had never won a Super Bowl, he'd be subject to the same criticism. I know people don't like it, but in a game where the Super Bowl is the ultimate achievement year after year, then that's the measuring stick.

    Danny White was labeled a choker too. He's basically forgotten, even though he was a very good quarterback. As they say, "History is written by the winners," and as long as Romo's history doesn't include a Super Bowl win, it will be written that he was a "loser" and a "choker."

    Fair or not.

    P.S. I agree with you about Favre, and as a winner, I feel he is highly overrated. The guy should have had more Super Bowl appearances and, subsequently. more Super Bowl rings.
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    The only QB that I can really say I missed was Roger Staubach because he was still a good QB when he retired. I often wonder if we could have won another SB if he played a few more years.
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    Yep I was a big Danny White fan but I was ready to move on by the time he was done. He was a shell of what he was. I was just sorry that he could never win a SB as a starter. And as it turned out Troy was right around the corner.
  19. tyke1doe

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    Unfortunately, Roger took one too many blows to the head.
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    I hope Dwayne Harris doesn't read your quote, he would be awfully upset.

    Compare the teams we both have had, and you will understand why Peyton was able to get into the playoffs those years.

    His teams have always been the top of the league, even when he couldn't win the big game. He was also known as the choke artist for a long time, unable to get the monkey off his back.

    Edgerrin James, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark were all pro bowlers on a fairly consistent basis during his tenure there. He had VERY good players, and 2 amazing kickers at the time for him as well.

    He had one of the best coaches he could have, in Tony Dungy as well.

    He had a solid defense, that had playmakers on it as well.

    He did not have an underperforming group by any means, but was still unable to win the big game until LATE in his career. That is why the Romo comparisons get made.

    Romo had to deal with an inconsistent team every year who commits penalties very often. A very undisciplined team at that for the most of his career. Once Parcells left, the discipline during the Wade era was awful. Garrett has turned that around in some respects, but also hinders Romo's performance by putting the team in horrible game managing situations. Also, Romo has had a pretty subpar offensive line for the majority of his career, it says something about the team when we NOW finally have the best OL in recent memory... near the end of Romo's career. Care to disagree on that point?

    Now that we have a good OL finally, we still have a historically bad defense.

    Romo never wins, whenever he gets something good going for him, he has at least 2 areas of weakness on the team. Matter of fact, whenever we have 1 strength on the team we GENERALLY have multiple areas that are glaring weaknesses.

    So yes, Romo carries us to victories. If you don't believe me watch our games when the defense gives up double digit leads in most of our losses. The proof is in that pudding.

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