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    Dallas Cowboys 2011 Mock Draft, Version 2.0: Rounds 1-7
    Jonathan Bales
    You can see my first Cowboys-only mock draft here. Both that mock and this one contain a built-in assumption that the Cowboys will sign a veteran free safety in free agency. Michael Huff (Raiders) and Eric Weddle (Chargers) are two guys I love, but pretty much anyone can beat Alan Ball and his 67.7 percent overall grade for the 2010 season. You can see all of my safety grades here.

    The Cowboys may target UCLA’s Rahim Moore in the second round, but I don’t think the team should put all of their eggs in the rookie safety basket. This class is awfully weak at safety, and filling that hole via free agency will allow the organization to concentrate on other needs, such as right tackle and defensive end.

    ■Round 1: Tyron Smith, OT, USC
    It is becomingly increasingly obvious that USC tackle Tyron Smith is a legitimate option, and probably the favorite, for the Cowboys at No. 9 overall. The team desperately needs an upgrade over right tackle Marc Colombo, and Smith played right tackle during his time at USC.
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    That's not a bad mock at all. I love the Rackley, Powell, Patrick and Wujcack picks
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    It was my mock, so thanks. I also like Patrick more than most and I think he fits in well with what the Cowboys want to do on defense. Of course, Rackley is a personal favorite of mine and I know a ton of Zoners love him. There's also been a ton of interest from Dallas.

    I personally don't like Powell but I see Garrett trying to get a bigger back in the late rounds. I think a player like Dion Lewis is perfect as an insurance policy behind Felix Jones. If Jones goes down, the 'Boys have pretty much no big-play threat in the backfield. I see some LeSean McCoy in Lewis, and that has nothing to do with the alma mater.
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    I love the players, but I have a one-character-question-per-draft limit. As much as Patrick impresses me more than all but a few corners I don't think I'd take both him and Ellis. Love the selections though.
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    I love picks 1 and 3.

    Is everyone really o.k. with picking a player like Kendrick Ellis in the first 4 rounds?

    It's selling your soul, and it never works.

    Antonio Bryant
    Derek Ross

    This guy has big time character issues. I wouldn't draft him.
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    High risk, high reward move. Some would just call it foolhardy. Thus, I only like having one per draft, if that. I can see how someone would hate it, but I hate the idea of getting Brandon Harris or Stefan Wisniewski, because I think they'll wash out of the league in short order due to a lack of talent. I don't know for a fact it's true, just a hunch.

    And I get the concept of "if you can't trust a guy when he's broke..." and think it's the way to go in general, but when you think a guy might be very good, at a pick you think is a bargain for his talent, I'll gamble sometimes. Like with Dez. He's done much less than Ellis has exhibited, granted. But questions about his maturity and attention to detail persist. The organization has made changes that they hope will help. I hope they do. I liked getting him.

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