DCT:Dallas Cowboys Potential Draft Pick in 2011: Aaron Williams, CB, Texas

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 10, 2011.

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    Scouting Report
    At 6’1”, Williams has great length for the cornerback position. He turns and runs pretty well (although not at an elite level), displaying above average hips. At just 189 pounds, he has some room for growth. His long arms allow him to play press coverage, but he could improve after adding some bulk.

    Williams’ make-up speed is very good. This allows him to be aggressive right off the snap, as he’s able to quickly get back in position if he slips up in his press. Williams really excels when playing up in a receiver’s face and shadowing him around the field. He struggles a bit in off-coverage, taking a bit too long to come out of his backpedal and break on the football (at times). His skill set is actually perfect for a Rob Ryan defense that figures to blitz plenty (and thus leave the secondary in man coverage).

    In the run game, Williams doesn’t fight off of blocks well. He’s not immune to contact, but he doesn’t possess the same ultra-aggressive mentality of Miami’s Brandon Harris (who is just six pounds heavier than Williams). Williams’ poor tackling form could be detrimental for a team that already struggles to tackle in the secondary.
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    Then I say take Brandon Harris. I'm tired of CBs that can't cover and don't tackle...
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    ;yep, i like either patrick peterson, but i heard he will be gone by at least the 4th overall pick, if he does what i think he will at his pro day

    so, i say either trade down from 9th to 17th, get an OT like Carmini or Cam Jordan DE or Brandon Harris CB, would be ticked with either one, best scenario though,

    if we do trade down, and can get a 2nd and a 6th , then either get brandon harris or cam jordan, then trade back up and get OT Carimini in first round

    kinda like packers did a few years back, when they got their NT, and then traded back up and got linebacker matthews

    besides, another cb the cowboys supposedly liked at the senior bowl, he kinda reminds me of a young cb asante samuel

    BURNEY Kendric
    North Carolina
    5- 9.0...181...4.48 -------- 391.07
    RS-06, Clever, Competive, reacts -Good Athlete - cover 2 guy..
    the cowboys were all over him at senior bowl from what i heard and read

    now look at samuel's speed
    22 SAMUEL Asante 5-10.7 187 4.51 721.43
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    He can cover he's just better at man to man then zone much like newman
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    Newman's knock coming out of college was tackling ability. Now, I'd argue, he's one of the more willing tacklers we have.

    It really depends on his character. If he's scared to tackle, no thanks. We already have one of them. If it's his form, whatever, that can be taught

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