DCT:Dallas Cowboys Potential Draft Pick: Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

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    Dallas Cowboys Potential Draft Pick: Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU
    Jonathan Bales
    Let’s be clear: Patrick Peterson is a sure bet to get drafted before the Cowboys’ ninth overall selection. He’s the best defensive back in this class, by far, and as close to a “can’t-miss” prospect as possible. But weird things happen on draft day, and there’s no reason Peterson can’t start to slide a few spots. The stud defensive tackles (Nick Fairley and Da’Quan Bowers) could surely go ahead of him, as could elite wide receiver prospect A.J. Green. If a team gets quarterback-hungry, Blaine Gabbert of Missouri might get selected too early. Edge-rushers are always a hot commodity, and UNC’s Robert Quinn and Texas A&M’s Von Miller are athletic freaks.

    Scouting Report
    At 6’1”, 222 pounds, Peterson has the body of an NFL safety. His speed, quickness, and hips are all elite, however, so he excels at cornerback. He is very fluid and has no problem giving receivers ground so he can break on underneath routes, using his make-up speed to recover if necessary. I’ve heard rumors Peterson has around a 40-inch vertical leap and already ran a 4.37 electronic-timed 40-yard dash.

    To go along with that explosiveness, Peterson has excellent body control. Straight speed is nothing in the NFL if you can’t stop quickly as well.
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    The Dez bryant of this years draft
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    In what way? He'll drop like Dez did or he'll be the best player in the draft or he's head and shoulders above the other players at his position in the draft? :confused:

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