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    Adjustments Due Offense
    Pass Protection at a Premium
    By Ken Sins

    OXNARD, Calif. - Those plays that Quincy Carter used to make with his flying feet won't be showing up on the highlight shows this fall.

    With 40-year-old Vinny Testaverde installed as the starter, the Cowboys aren't tearing up their playbook, but they will have to alter their approach. They'll tailor their style to Testaverde's strengths, just as they did for Carter.

    Even in his 20s, Testaverde was no Roger Staubach clone of a scrambler, although he still prides himself on his ability to take a hit and extricate himself from a sack.

    "I've never been considered a scrambler and I've survived a pretty long time," Testaverde said.

    "Just because I'm not a great scrambler down the field, it doesn't mean I don't have the quick feet to move around in the pocket to avoid the rush, to get rid of the ball quick, not to get sacks, to give the team the best chance to convert first down ....keep the odds in our favor when we can, and try to just convert and move the chains."

    In his prime, Testaverde was a pocket passer with a sturdy right arm. At this stage of his career, opponents would be expected to unleash the blitz and try to expose Testaverde's immobility. That could mean coach Bill Parcells will call more screens, draws and quick slants.

    Pass protection will be at a premium.

    "When protection broke down, it made it easier for Quincy to scramble, and that's an element we're not going to have this year," said tight end Dan Campbell. "That was an element that gave defenses problems, and we won't have that. But it's still the same scheme. We need to lock everybody up and protect our quarterbacks and do it the old-fashioned way, line up and beat people up.

    "All I'm worried about is protecting that guy. I think he can take a hit, but we need to protect him. We need to catch the ball when he throws it. We need to block the running game so he has another element the defense has to worry about and open everything up."

    Testaverde is still in the process of mastering the playbook, although it's similar to the offense the New York Jets used when Bill Parcells and Testaverde worked together before in the late '90s.

    Some of the focus will change from last year. For instance, the bootlegs the Cowboys favored to maximize Carter's running ability will be seen less often with Testaverde under center.

    "I don't know that it will be a lot of the rollout stuff," Testaverde said. "I'm sure we'll continue to use that, but it will change somewhat. This is an offense that I've run with Bill up in New York for a few years, so I'm very confident that I can be successful within this system."

    For the offense to perk along, the Cowboys must have an effective power running game, and the signing of Eddie George was a step in that direction. A stabilized line will also help.

    "It's good we have a quarterback who can get the ball out quick and make every throw," said offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon. "Now we've got to help him with the running game. You've got to have a running game and you've got to protect the quarterback."

    There is little any defensive coordinator can devise that will surprise Testaverde. As he enters his 18th NFL season, he's seen it all.

    "Certainly the experience gives me a better chance and the team a chance to be more successful with the decisions I make throwing the football and being asked to do certain things within the offense," said Testaverde.

    Right Now, It's No-Go for Brown

    The Oakland Raiders released wide receiver Tim Brown last week, but at that time the Cowboys did not express interest in signing the Dallas native.

    "Not right now, I wouldn't think, but I would say this," said coach Bill Parcells. "I know Timmy a little bit, not real well but I do know him, and that's one of the great players now. I remember the day he came out in the draft he was the No. One player on our draft board and he's been great and he's a great kid. We'll see what happens.'

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    That's all I'm concerned about, is the offensive line going to be able to protect him. And if he does go down, what's going to happen, can Henson handle the job this year?? I think they definitely need to bring in another vet qb.

    Thanks for posting, LT!!
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    Henson is pretty mobile. That said I am hoping we have the early 90's kind of protaction for Vinny. I wasn't all too enthused with his signing, but have vowed to reserve myself to accepting things until Henson actually arrives. It is not going to be easy if our line looks like the last couple of years. If it looks like the 2002 version I may pray for blindness.
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    Me and you both!! I'll be sitting at the games with my hands over my eyes ;) ..
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    Make it really dark sunglasses.
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    Would you mind posting the Camp Notes and Dixon articles for me LTN? Curious how they turned out...thanks!
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    Will do, Dale!

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