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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by LaTunaNostra, May 29, 2004.

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    first of all the free agency period ain't over yet!!, and he did upgrade, Big Bill himself, who held a private session with Henson before he was signed and then gave Jerry the go ahead and get me that one i need him, otherwise Jerry Jones wouldn't have worked so hard to get a contract done with what the agent was asking for Henson, and it wasn't Parcells who made the comment he makes throws no qb on our team can make now, that was Payton and Carthon(see interview on, just after Henson was signed, so Big Bill has already made his upgrade at qb with Henson, now he may add a vet to tutor or fill in till he thinks his upgrade is ready, but he has already made the upgrade............

    as far as what vet becomes available after tuesday will decide which way Bill goes on qb, whether it is just a backup or a replacement till Henson is ready, but tuesday ain't here yet............

    i guarantee you if carter is the starter out of training camp he will have to win it this year, not because he was the best he could do with what was left for him to do it with(doesn't say a thing about what Big Bill thinks of his ability to be successful, just at the time it was the best option he had), but because he was the best Bill could do to start the season after utilizing all the options available to him with the choices he is making this year with personel, you would have to be a blind idiot to think if Henson, Hutchinson, Romo, or beazely the wonder dog is playing better than carter they won't be the starter, cause i guarantee this year Bill will go with the one moving the ball best out of his choices, not anyone else's left overs, or the best he can get by the end of camp.......................

    Big Bill knows what carter is and isn't, unlike you guessing what he thinks, he knows, and it says alot for him to have brought in Henson and it will say alot with what vet if any is brought in,,,,,,,,,,,,the article definitely takes a hit on qball and it takes a hell of swipe at Hutchinson as well (picturesque but can't get the job done), and if you can't see that then the only one blind may be you...........
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    I don't believe any poster has ever said that. They may have said that it was not due totally to the defense (and it was not), but everyone knows the defense was better than the offense last year.
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    No, I didn't see the 52TD post, not that I remember. That's just ridiculous and I don't even think the poster believed it himself, but I'd have to see the post to see if I thought he was being serious.

    As far as Carter leading us to the superbowl this year, he very well could if he improves....yes could lead us there.

    Talk about someone that says that he doesn't care who the QB is....that YOU, yet your posts are the complete opposite.

    As far as Henson again, it will takes a couple of years before he ever gets to that point. I'm referencing the fact that some think he is our immediate savior....that he should even see the field this year.
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    These Carter debates get old, folks.

    The NFL is no different than real life in that it is all about competition. Carter and everyone else who is currently on the DALLAS roster knows they have to prove it each and every day on the field. Nothing new there.

    Parcells is bringing in competition for everyone. Carter is no different. He should welcome the competition, as it seems to me he has (at least publically). The only "advantages" Carter has are these:
    1) He is the acknowledged, incumbent starter right now.
    2) He is finally enjoying a second consecutive season with the same OC and offensive system in 5 years (since his sophomore season at UGA).

    Now....neither of these 2 "advantages" means Carter is a 100% guaranteed lock to be the starting QB up at the Metrodome on September 12. He still has to earn it. As do all 53 active players on the final roster.

    I have full faith Tuna, Carthon, and Payton will fully evaluate all QB's in camp and make the best decision for the 2004 season. So, I must announce an absolutely brilliant concept - let's see how things pan out in training camp!
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    There you go again.

    I said, I pull for whoever is at QB. If that's Quincy I don't sit there hoping he plays bad.

    Explain to me how either of those statements, say I don't care who the QB is?

    You keep throwing that nonsense out there, but I'll say it again.

    I want a QB, that is more than a bus driver, can hit 60% of their passes, and have a TD/INT ratio around 2 to 1. Got It? I don't think Quincy can be that QB...and here is what, I guess will mess you up...I hope he proves me wrong.

    I don't care who our QB is IF they can do the job, however, Carter has yet to show me he can be anywhere near that 60%, 2 to 1 QB.

    Is that clear enough for you, or should I just declare myself a fence sitter, then spend all my time on the opposite side of the fence from you.

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