DD:10 Small School Players creating a buzz with NFL teams

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    by Damond Talbot on Apr 14, 2012 10:17 AM EDT in 2012 NFL Draft
    I have been breaking down film like crazy over the past few weeks getting ready for the NFL Draft. I have been able to speak with tons of NFL Draft eligible players this year; that can’t wait for their opportunity to shine in the NFL. Over the past few months, I have met some very good people in NFL front offices as well as scouts in the regional areas, and have had numerous talks with them. When you break down athletes you can’t get hooked on a player because of numbers at a combine, or because their agent let’s you get an interview with them. You have to break down the player based on the play. Film does not lie, and over the past few months, I have watched several players who I think should be given a shot based on play alone. Well since the beginning of this year, I have had the ability to keep up with the players, their agents and talk to NFL scouts about these players. So which 10 players are creating a buzz on the NFL front from small schools? Let’s find out, take a poll which player will be the biggest riser?

    #10 – Greg Zuerlein, K – Missouri Western – I broke down film of this kid and being that I was a kicker I wanted to see what this kid could do. Well after seeing the film, I believe he might be the best kicker in this draft. I know that sounds crazy, but I am not the only one who believes this. I talked with several scouts and asked them who the best kicker was and 5 of them told me it was Greg Zuerlein. He has very good leg strength and shows great punch in the kick. His hip movement is solid and he very rarely pushes the ball. He could be a steal for a team in the late rounds.

    #9 – Thomas Mayo, WR – Cal (PA) – How come no one is talking about Thomas Mayo? That is my question, this kid was a beast all year at Cal (PA) and has not stopped trying to make a point that he deserves to be at the next level. Get ready because he will be there soon, he should be drafted and to be honest, at the East/West Shrine game practices, he looked great. He showed that he could get separation on stud players against him, and did it without problem. Watch out for Thomas Mayo this year, he could be a sleeper that shows he is ready.

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