DD: CF Justin Boddie, who's size and speed could attract the attention of N.F.L. sco

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    No Knights defensive player has had a better fall camp than the 6-foot-2, 190-pound cornerback who seems poised to finally live up to his massive potential. His play now has been a carryover from a stellar spring and a summer in which he added 40 pounds to his bench press and dramatically improved his 40-yard dash time.

    “I think of all of the corners we have he’s had the best camp,” UCF defensive coordinator Dave Huxtable said. “He’s been the most consistent. He had a tremendous summer and it’s shown now. Justin’s playing well and I look for him to have a really good year for us.”

    He is UCF’s best defensive back at breaking on the ball, showing the kind of transition and change of direction that could someday make NFL scouts drool. In fall camp alone, he’s had his hands on more balls than some wide receivers – and that has certainly caught the eye of position coach Sean Becton and head coach George O’Leary.

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