DD:Day 3 Practice Notes: South.

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    Day 3 Practice Notes: South.
    Conditions were balmy for today's practice; the final full contact practice of the week. This is probably the last practice we will be reporting on, as action of the week winds down. The weather was great and overall it was another successful year in Mobile.



    Miami linebacker Sean Spence lacks ideal size but flies around the field, making sure tackles and sticking close to backs and tight ends in coverage. Spence figures out the play and brings the forward progress of the ball carrier to a halt. Spence comes from a great pedigree of Miami linebackers and carries a second round grade as a weak side 4-3 linebacker.

    Illinois guard Jeff Allen was moved inside to guard for most of today's practice, where he looked more comfortable than in prior sessions. Allen is not an ideal athlete but he shows toughness and decent technique in pass protection. Allen did an effective job this week and is a likely top 150 selection.
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    I really like Spence. Too bad he's too small to play ILB. Also too bad that they are projecting Curry as only a 4-3 DE, he sounds like exactly what we need rushing the passer
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    OK, I have to ask. How in the world is Illinois considered SOUTH?
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    How is Texas A&M and Missouri considered in the South East.

    How is Boise state considered in the East.

    Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah in the PACific 12

    Crazy how things are in College football.

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