Dead Man Kept Paying His Bills

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    Dead Man Keeps Paying Bills
    Sunday, October 10, 2004

    Electronic banking can have its down side.

    A Winnipeg, Manitoba, man died nearly two years ago, but thanks to automatic bill payments, no one noticed.

    "How can that happen, for God's sake? Two years!" exclaimed Sam Shuster, a neighbor of Jim Sulkers, to the Canadian Press wire service.

    "I used to ask the president of the [condominium] board of directors 'Where in the hell is he?'" Shuster added. "She said all she knew was the bank gets the monthly money, so we don't worry about it."

    Sulkers, said to be in his 50s, suffered from multiple sclerosis (search). The province's chief medical examiner said his mummified corpse bore no sign of trauma, though an exact cause of death could not be determined.

    A cousin, Kim Dyck, who lives across town, said she hadn't been in contact with Sulkers for about 10 years, but added that some other relatives had gone by his apartment last summer.

    "They knocked on his door and he didn't answer," Dyck said. "You assume he isn't home. You certainly don't assume he's dead."
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    If relatives came by or called and never heard back from him, why did it take 2 years to find this out? :eek:
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    Did you see where his mailbox would get full, but the mailman just emptied it out?

    Also, wouldn't you think there would be some sort of....scent coming from his apartment?

    2 years...Infreakingcredible.

    The way they seem to handle things there, it's a good thing his bills kept getting paid. If they didn't, I can just see him being taken to collection or something.
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    He must have made some nice coin to afford 2 years worth of bills without any income. Collectors would detect my demise a month after I kicked the bucket.

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