Deadskins Cap Hell

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Teague31, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. Teague31

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    When does it happen??? I can't wait for that $43 million they shelled out to Brunell to come back and kill them.
  2. Midswat

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    Its not going to.

    They've been going to suffer cap hell supposedly since 2000.
  3. CowboyChris

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    its all just fuzzy math.
  4. Teague31

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    Then how the hell did we end up screwed so bad??? Eventually this has to catch up to them although I agree it should have by now.
  5. LaTunaNostra

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    2006 is the year I usually see mentioned as the year it all unravels for the Skins. Then they should hit the kind of crisis that takes a few years to dig out of.

    Of course, the DeadSkins fans with their "cash beats cap" mantra think this can be avoided in various ways.

    1) The annual increase in the cap rises enough to cover the contracts already signed. If the cap rises by 10 or 15 million in the next few years, they will be safe.

    2) There will one or even more "uncapped years" when the current CBA expires, and before a new one is in place. That will allow Danny Boy to totally go Steinbrenner.

    3) The world blessedly ends before the much more serious Cap Apocalypse can kick in.
  6. Midswat

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    I was watching something where they were talking about the possible un-capped year.

    The fear they expressed was that if we somehow got away from the cap . . . that we would never get it back.

    I don't know if that is true or not . . . but I would love to see the cap get away . . . especially with Jerry Jones as our owner . . . :D
  7. SuspectCorner

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    the hard cap is good for football. so much so i don't need to go into detail. i would hate to see jones going on a steinbrenner-esque spending spree during an uncapped year. the chickens always come back to roost.
  8. Midswat

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    Yeah . . . it'd suck winning all those Super Bowls . . . :rolleyes:
  9. junk

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    Totally agree. I hated the cap at first. It is a must have now. Even if there wasn't a cap, that doesn't guarantee Super Bowls for Dallas anyway with their stellar scouting record. No cap means football turns into baseball. A joke of a sport that no one wants to watch.
  10. jterrell

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    The deakskins are already paying the price for cap issues.
    Does anyone think they really want to be a team with zero depth??
    The cap hell is a long drawn out process for them as opposed to other teams, i.e. us who took our comeuppance in 1 or 2 seasons.

    The sad thign is they were bad while trying to delay the costs making it certian they will be even worse when they do pay up.
    Its mismanagement at the extreme.

    Who cares how much cao they have nayway if they use it overpay guys like Brunell? More power to them.

    All sports need a cap.
  11. Bababooey

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    Totally disagree!

    Free agency is destroying this league. Teams are forced to let players walk due to cap restrictions that they would normally hang on to.

    No cap puts more of an emphasis of drafting and developing your own talent, where it should be. Not in the hands of money grubbing sports agents who ultimately decide who we root for.
  12. junk

    junk I've got moxie

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    So, are you a baseball fan where a team with a superior scouting and coaching staff such as the old Expos are forced to watch talent walk away just as it develops because you can't compete with the Yanks and the Red Sox and their billion dollar TV contracts?

    Please explain how not having a cap puts more emphasis on scouting and developing your own talent. It puts more emphasis on scouting other teams talent. The current cap in the NFL forces a team to be good drafters to be successful. How many Yankee/Red Sox draft picks contributed to their success?

    Guess what? Sports agents get the same amount irregardless of a cap, I don't see what that has to do with anything. And if an agent has an impact on who you root for, well, I don't know what to say. I don't where your loyalties lie.

    In case you haven't noticed, the NFL is currently the strongest professional sports franchise. No labor issues. All in all the teams are largely profitable. The players are still getting paid quite handsomely. TV ratings are booming. If the NHL wants to ever play again, they should take step 1 and implement a cap that is structured like the NFL.
  13. calico

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    I hate FA and the cap era because it destroyed the last real dynasty of Dallas and cost them more Super Bowls and it has made the league watered down.

    A watered down league may be fun for the fans because any team can be good now but the up and down nature of the league is killing some traditions like MNF.

    The skins only go into cap hell if they want to keep the players they have. That is why the Cowboys went into that hell.

    The Danny will just let them go and take a smaller cap hit as well as trading the players away. The real treat for Cowboys fans is knowing that they spend so much and do not win anything at all.
  14. GTaylor

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    Baseball lost it's talent and status due to a weak commish, owners who refuse to work together and a marketing dept. thats sorely lacking in...well, anything. Look at where the NFL was in 87 - not too far off where baseball is now, ugly dispute, total discord, etc. What baseball needs is for someone like Jerry Jones who is willing to take in the reins and lead the sport to the next level...doesn't hurt to have a hotshot new network take over who so badly wants your sport that they're willing to pay record numbers for a t.v. deal.

    Comparing baseball to football is apples to oranges, whereas Football has one only Bill Bidwell, baseball has at least 10. Imagine the state of football if 1/3 of the owners were Bill Bidwells...
  15. DipChit

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    Yeah but theres a number of different things at play here, not just a salary cap. In your first example, it's more of a revenue sharing problem. By the very virtue of those individual tv contracts (which the NFL doesnt have) it puts tons more money in the pockets of some owners. How are you supposed to figure out how much the cap should be when thats the case? Just look to the the piss poorest franchises and say well... thats all they can afford to spend cause they're only getting this much from tv and gate so we'll make that the cap on what every other franchise can spend too? I guess you could. It's either that or divvy up all the money

    And as far as your second comment, how can you say the current cap puts more emphasis on being good drafters? Compared to what, baseball? Maybe, but not compared to the way the NFL used to be because then without the FA that went along with the cap, there was NO WAY to get better without good drafting because really good players from other teams were untouchable. Not necessarily unaffordable.. just unavailable. But nowadays, one piece of the puzzle short like Philly supposedly at WR? No need to wait and hope to hit one in the draft.. go buy TO. Which is probably why it seems like theres been as many diff teams represented in the SB in the last 6 years than in the 12 years previous to those. The good teams stayed good (from good drafting) and the bad teams stayed bad.

    If since the advent of the cap you say that it's forced teams to be good drafters to be successful (as opposed to before the cap) how come you have teams that never sniffed the SB suddenly going to it or getting close? They magically became good drafters? GB snagging Reggie White and others. ATL getting there with Chandler as QB, the Ravens D that year. The Giants with Collins at QB. The Bucs once they got Johnson at QB. The Raiders with Gannon at the helm. The Panthers with Stephen Davis. Would any of those teams have got there relying strictly on guys they drafted? Maybe in some cases, but we'll never know. And if it was quality drafting that got them there how come in virtually all of those examples the team basically tanked the following year?

    I guess what I'm trying to say here is that FA and salary cap are not the same thing. It just so happens that they started the same time in the NFL. FA is whats changed this game. For better or worse depending on your POV. Worse if you were a dynasty that was picked apart or if you recognize that in the sport of football, particularly on offense continuity over a period of time is crucial to play the best you can as a team (as opposed to baseball wheres theres dick for teamwork aside from turning a token double play). Better, if you hadnt won jack for 30 years due to poor front offices. All the cap does is see to it that FA doesnt get totally out of control as in baseball. Course without FA it wouldnt make any diff whether you had a cap or not because if theres no threat of prime time player movement no owner would have cause to overpay.
  16. Tio

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    The redskins do pay for the cap, with no chemistry and no wins...
  17. TwentyOne

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    IMO there will be no return to salary cap if it's gone - even only for 2-3 years. I think if the NFL doesn't find a solution to establish the Cap after (i think it expires 2008) then it will be gone for a long time. But that wouldn't bother me since JJ always was a owner who is willing to spread some money around.

    Just imagine what kind of football franchise we would have if there was no cap! - mmmmmmhhhhh.... Just dreaming!
  18. DipChit

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    Eh, Jones would prolly still **** it up with his eye (or lack thereof) for talent.

    Unless he came here first to read about who the best players in the league really are. ;)
  19. AJM1613

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    Jones isn't the only owner in the NFL who is willing to spend money, the Redskins would field an All Star team with Sneider as the owner.

    I'm not saying this as a team with a cheap owner, obviously Lurie is willing to dish out some serious cash, he just gave 16.5 million dollars in bonus money to our starting cornerbacks yesterday, and two other players seven year deals (signing bonus money was not released). Then there was Kearse (16 million) and Owens (13.5 million)...110 million dollars between the two.

    How would it help the game? Because it would make the Cowboys win more Super Bowls?
  20. Tio

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    Duh :D .....

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