Deadskins Cap Hell

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Teague31, Nov 6, 2004.

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    I think the owners all want to win.

    However, I think they all like the idea of making tons of money in a market that is stable and viable over the long run.

    The teams all share revenue which supports the little guy. The cap kinda levels the playing field. That's in the best interests of everyone making money until as someone put it, the world ends.

    I don't think they care that much about the players and allowing them to compete in an open market. That's the players idea and not the owners. Most of the owners want to win but not above making money.

    If you're all making millions then why rock the boat?

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    Gibbs is cutting losers and people who want to play ONLY for the money. Chemistry comes with wins........

    As for the salary cap we've been in it for years......

    The skins' will never be in salary cap hell like other teams because the contracts are either never completed or they are restructured and snyder covers the difference.........he's a millionaire......he has everything in the world but a winning football team.........And after a couple years of gibbs here he'll have that........snyder has alreadt agreed to step back and let the pro's do the recruiting.
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    Ummmm...Every owner in the NFL is a millionaire...I think that is a prerequsite.

    All that restructuring contracts does is move the money foward...eventually you will have to pay for it and end up looking like the 49ers.

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    LOL......yeah....omg...I never thought of that....ok then how else you do explain it......I know for a fact snyder pays the players on the side after they reconstruct their contracts........Maybe snyder just pays more than the other owners.......or maybe the owners just don't pay at all........who knows.....
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    I already told you guys. They have a scheme figured out to where they will never be in serious cap troube. The only thing wrong with it is that they didn't factor in chemistry and keeping talent. They will be hard presed to keep smoot and samuel this year.

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    obviously we gotta keep samuels but we drafted those 2 tackles last year for a reason.......smoot is staying....he is a true redskin. Samuels just wants big money for inconsistent play.........i dunno.....
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    Or maybe Samuels is tired of re-structuring his contract to help the team fit under the cap because Danny keeps bringing in high priced FA's.

    Maybe he is tired of that and finally has had enough.

    I doubt he is worth the money he wants, but by the same token he has given up for the team more then once with his contract.

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