News: DeAngelo Hall targeting Tony Romo (put my helmet on whatever's hurt)

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 21, 2011.

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    Absolutely. I want to get a chance to put my helmet on whatever's hurt," Hall said. "Romo's ribs -- I'm going to be asking for some corner blitzes. If I know Felix Jones' shoulder's hurt, I'm not going to cut him. I'm definitely going to try to hit him up high, so that's just part of it.

    "If you know something's wrong with an opponent, you're going to try to target in on that. We're going to try to definitely get as many hits on that team as possible."
  2. jwhardin

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    Isn't leading with the helmet a penalty?
  3. BigDinAZ

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    Was just thinking the same thing
  4. Sarge

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    Indeed it is. Now that he has indicated he is going to do just that, if he DOES do it, the penalt(ies) should be greater.

    Hall is a moron, but then isn't his fault he's a Redskin.

    Bring it on.
  5. Future

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  6. 67CowboysFan

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    That one never gets old. It is always good for a laugh. :lmao2:
  7. ThreeSportStar80

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  8. TwentyOne

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    I am just happy we didn't get after Hall when we were able to.

    I like the players and their mentality we have right now.
  9. adbutcher

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    This is the week to talk his ish with Bryant and Austin possibly sitting this game out.

    Hall is a real captain courage.
  10. jaybird

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    A player just publically announced he will intentionally try and lead with his helment to cause an injury to an opposing player. I believe thats one of the leagues biggest No-nos. How come thats ok, and just part of football. I wonder what Goodell's reaction or the media reaction would be if a Cowboy made moronic statement like that?
  11. Doomsday101

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    making a statement is not aginst the rule however if he acts on it then he could be looking at getting flagged then getting fined.

    I think much of the talk is just an attempt to get into Romo head
  12. adbutcher

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    Or he is just whistling pass the graveyard.
  13. Stautner

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    It was incredibly stupid to say. Every team would plan to take advantage of an injury if they could, but it's stupid to publically announce it in this way. He better make sure if he hits Romo it is a clean hit to the point of not being questioinable in any way.
  14. Stautner

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    I think there are some statements the league might find harsh enough they would fine someone, but this falls short of that. It will, however, put anything resembling a questionable hit under scrutiny.
  15. Doomsday101

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    I agree. It may just be talk on his part but I'm sure the officials heard it as well. Not a smart move publicly talking about going after an injured player. Every does it but not everyone openly talks about it
  16. Aikbach

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    is this guy aware that HIS quarterback is Rex Grossman, makes you wonder who the devil is his backup.

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