Death Row Meal

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by JIMMYBUFFETT, May 29, 2014.

  1. RastaRocket

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    Appetizer: Salsa, Queso, Guacamole and chicken stuffed jalapenos

    Soup: Chicken Tortilla

    Salad: Uhhh.... more chips and salsa or something LOL

    Entree: Fajitas (Give me the chicken, beef, and jumbo shrimp)

    Desert: Hmm, give me more food on the entree (I hate desert)

    Beverage: Modelo
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  2. jobberone

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    Lobster bisque with fresh chopped Maine Lobster followed by iceberg lettuce with a honey dill mustard dressing with poppy seeds. Taste of lime sorbet then slightly spicy steamed red snapper (real red snapper) with ginger, green onions, and sweet soy sauce. Sides of sweet and sour Napa cabbage and sticky rice as sides. Taste of mango sorbet. Few swallows of my own spicy Chinese soup. Lemon sorbet. My mother's Lemon meringue pie. Cuban cigar and a fine brandy.

    Then say goodnight Gracie.
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  3. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    I'll have what she is having

  4. Afigueroa22

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    I knew it was you.
  5. Passepartout

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    Japanese soup, Ribeye steak, baked potato, salad, Diet Pepsi, and Cheese Cake!
  6. KJJ

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    It wasn't me I'm the court appointed attorney who tried convincing you to go with an insanity defense but you wouldn't listen. If you would have taken my advice you would have gotten life and wouldn't be sitting on death row having to decide on a last meal.
  7. BigStar

    BigStar Stop chasing

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    Pruno (hooch) and even shine are easily accessible in prisons from simple ingredients bought @ the canteen. Boys will be boys:D The most common/accepted mind altering drug used in human history.

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  8. WV Cowboy

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    If you have been on death row for 14-15 years, and have not put a hit out on the one that framed you, you deserve to die.

  9. RS12

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    You left out the lobster tail and prawns. I'd probaly go with a different desert though.
  10. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

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    Anyone who's on death row has nothing to lose. They should be putting a hit on the one who framed them and the attorney who defended them.
  11. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

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    Don't think alcoholic beverages are allowed with a last meal. They want them sober when they're being led to the electric chair not staggering drunk and laughing.
  12. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

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    If they're going to allow a last meal they should also allow them to digest it so they can enjoy a final dump. A lot of soul searching can be done while sitting on a toilet.
  13. Craig

    Craig Well-Known Member

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    What did I do? I think that would influence it.
  14. windward

    windward NFL Historian

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    Yes! I finally found someone that likes it without the raisins! Lol.
  15. jimmy40

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    awesome last meal

  16. roughneck266

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    I'll have a Mc DLT, fries, and a magarita while I am waiting for you to get Mcdonalds to bring back the MC DLT.
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  17. Afigueroa22

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    Your being obtuse.
  18. KJJ

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    You're just in a bad mood because you were framed. Some advice be sure not to choke on your last meal so you don't ruin the public hanging planned for you. lol All kidding aside that's how they do it in Iran. If you want a jolt to your system do a google for some of these public hanging video's. They want to deter crime so they parade these criminals through crowds before stringing them up. There's one vid where they're hanging 2 men and a woman. If they don't position the noose just right around their neck it won't completely cut off their oxygen and it leads to a horrible death.

    They end up struggling for several seconds as they strangle to death. This is what happened to the woman in the video they carelessly put the noose around her neck not positioning it properly and it slipped in front as she was being hoisted up and her legs begin kicking around and one of her hands came loose that was tied behind her back. It's not easy to watch but it definitely gets your attention. If we executed criminals like that we wouldn't see as many senseless crimes as we do.
  19. JoeyBoy718

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    You just named Chili's lunch special.
  20. theSHOW

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    I once had Asian and Mexican, the same time!

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