Declared Underclassmen Thread . . .

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Midswat, Jan 5, 2005.

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    Here's a list I have in a spreadsheet. The whole file is based off the list of players invited to the NFL combine this year, and I incorporated underclassmen into it. Rankings are supposed to be from scout sheet data, and "current readiness for the NFL". The 40 times listed are taken from campus agility tests.

    The site the list originated from is here. It's a subscription site, but the list is available to the general public:

    The file I made is at the following link. You need Excel or a spreadsheet program to open it. You can change anything in it if you download it to reflect your own opinions or whatever. Spreadsheets can also be saved as html files. If you try that though, have a 2nd copy of the file available. You may save one page out of the workbook as an html file, and lose data in other pages:
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    I don't like a lot of these guys comin out. Its not that i wouldn't draft them, but why come out when their draft rating would be so much higher next year. Especially for a guy like Ryan Moats who, from what i have seen of him, would be an easy first rounder next year. Where this year he could be a late first/early second at best. I don't get it.

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