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    probably a trade back but did not include it

    sorry about the music

    1 16 Dee Ford, DE, 6-2 #255

    2 47 Jimmie Ward, CB/FS, 5-11 #200 Northern Illinois

    3 78 Billy Turner, OT, 6-6 #314 North Dakota State

    4 119 C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE, 6-6 #265 Iowa

    5 158 Kevin Norwood, WR, 6-2 #200 Alabama

    7 229 Ken Bishop, DT, 6 #310 Northern Illinois

    7 231 Kerry Hyder, DT, 6-3 #290 Texas Tech

    7 238 Josh Harris, RB, 5-11 #210 Wake Forest

    7 248 Brandon Dixon, CB, 6 #215 Northwest Missouri State

    7 251 Elhadji Ndiaye - DE 6-4 #255 University of Nebraska-Kearney

    7 254 Kaycee Ike, OG, 6-4 #300 UAB


    Dustin Vaughan, QB. 6-5 #235 West Texas A&M

    Trey Millard, FB, 6-2 #250 Oklahoma

    Pierce Burton. OG. 6-5 #305 Ole Miss

    Tyler Hoover, DT/DE, 6-6 #290 Michigan State

    Dillon Quinn, DE, 6-6 #280 3 years at BC transferring to C.W. Post

    Brock Coyle. ILB, 6-1 #235 Montana

    Dustin Wharton, S, 6, #215 Georgetown

    we seen all except Norwood and Elhadji Ndiaye
  2. DFWJC

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    Maybe with a trade back to the late 1st round to net an extra late 2nd rounder.
  3. DBOY3141

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    Did Dee Ford come in for a visit?
  4. bodi

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    Senior Bowl Interviews

    Dee Ford, DE, Auburn
  5. bodi

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  6. AmberBeer

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    You can find a blocking TE in UDFA. No need to waste a pick. And don't need a WR in the draft either. Can find one somewhere else.
  7. xwalker

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    It's possible that Ward could get drafted before Ford.

    You probably need to trade down in the 1st and trade up in the 2nd
  8. Gaede

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    Love it

    Ward, Ford and CJ are favorites of mine. I like CJ better than Escobar. He really reminds me of Witten. I fully support drafting him even though we grabbed Escobar last year.He's underrated. Not just blocker. Great hands.
  9. supercowboy8

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    Not a fan of a 5th year player with only 1 good year in college. Ford is way over rated. No thanks. If Barr or Donald isn't there trade back and take BPA.

    Why post highlight videos? Everyone looks good in highlights.

    The rest of the draft I'm fine with other than another stupid TE.
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  10. xwalker

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    I'm hoping for a 5 TE offense.
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  11. dogberry

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    Not a rhetorical question, how does the defense cover/attack an offense that goes with four or five 6 foot 5 inch or taller receivers?
  12. Fredd

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    they make sure that the QB goes down, and he goes down hard....
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  13. SilverStarCowboy

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    Give me Hageman or Tuitt instead for a better match-up vs the Behemoth OLinemen in the NFL.

    A 250lb DE trying to play in a 4/3 Scheme, lets not forget what happened to DWare so easily.
  14. reddyuta

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    D-ware was already broken before the 4-3 switch.
  15. rpatricc

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    Dee Ford and Demarcus Lawrence are the only "quick twitch" DE's after Clowney, Mack, Barr. Remember, Marinelli apparently did not want Sharif Floyd because he was not a quick twitch 3-technique. I think that will be the same philosophy at DE. I would be happy with Ford or Lawrence as our 1st round pick if Donald and Barr are gone (and we decide not to take Zack Martin). They are pure edge rushers. Kony Ealy and Scott Crichton are not, and simply do not fit Marinelli's mold. Mark my words, Ford will be the second-coming of Elvis Dumervil, who had 17 sacks as a 4-3 DE for Denver in '09 and around 10 sacks each year since. I can deal with him being a semi-liability against the run for that type of pressure.
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  16. Gaede

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    I agree. Have always maintained that Ford would be a mid first round pick, so I wouldn't be shocked at all if we took him.
  17. ccb04

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    According to reports/lists...among the Cowboys national visits for DL were:

    - DT Aaron Donald
    - DE/OLB Anthony Barr
    - DT Timmy Jernigan
    - DE Scott Crichton
    - DE/OLB Demarcus Lawrence
    - DT Dominique Easley
    - DE Kony Ealy
    - DE Will Clarke
    - DT/DE Kerry Hyder
    - DT Ken Bishop
    - DT/DE Chris Whaley

    They reportedly met with Ford at the Senior Bowl, and could like him quite a bit. His 1st step/burst off the ball is fantastic, and I like his aggression & attitude/confidence. But like any other prospect, there are questions about him: scheme fit, health, how he'd fair consistently at the POA, etc. Regarding Floyd, maybe there were other reasons that they elected to pass on him as well. Who really knows?

    Several of the players that were reportedly brought in, wouldn't be classified as 'quick twitch'...but may offer other attributes they like. A player like Crichton is relentless, uses his hands well, has solid size, good quickness off the ball, & offers some versatility. Jernigan uses his hands well, has some natural power to push the pocket, moves well laterally for a big guy, etc. Will Clarke was one of very few to give Zack Martin any trouble at the Senior Bowl...and it was because of his length, whereas Martin handled speed fairly easily. But as mentioned, there are question marks about pretty much all of them.
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    Cowboys like Fiedorowicz. I don't know that they like him enough to draft him in the 4th but they do like him. I think they see him as a possible replacement to JWitt but I don't see it. He's not really all that good of a blocker, he's not fast or quick. He does catch BBs in the dark though.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    An interesting TE/HBack prospect is Blake Annen. He clocked a 4:41 40. 2.52 20 split, 1.61 10 split, 25 reps, 34 Vert, 10' broad, 4:30 Shuttle and a 7.19 3cone. He's 6'4" 247 lbs. and they say he can catch but I don't know. Cincy never really used him. He played behind the guy we drafted most of his career except last year. He would be interesting if you could put 10 lbs on him and teach him to run routes a little better.
  20. Alexander

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    Add Kareem Martin too.

    Adam Caplan ‏@caplannfl 2h
    DE Kareem Martin (UNC), who is projected to go off the board in rounds 2-3, has pre-draft visits with the #Vikings, #Cowboys, and #Panthers.

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