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Discussion in 'CZ Support Zone' started by SaltwaterServr, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. SaltwaterServr

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    Any possibility that we could substitute an image for the players up at top right like we're able to do for personal avatars?

    If not, can we get a cheerleader or two option back like there was before Mr. Meredith passed?
  2. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

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    We want a lot more images. We need them in .png format with a clear background.
  3. casmith07

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    I can generate cheerleader images, other player images. Where do we e-mail submissions to?
  4. Reality

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    Images need to be 300 pixels wide (blank space is fine on each side) and not taller than 500 pixels. Images need to be alpha-transparent (not GIF transparent) and need to be in PNG format.

    Make sure there is some space on the top, left and right side (10 pixels at minimum) between the image edge and the actual object in the image (Romo for example).

    Use the existing images as an example. I highly recommend you create one image and let me make sure it is formatted correctly and works before making several images. Multiple images of the same player or thing is fine as long as they are different, not just slight variations.

    Upload the images to a hosting site and embed them in this thread.

  5. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

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    Yes, we would accept both. Stadium. Any image related to this team in the format Reality needs.
  6. JustDezIt

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    just wanted to drop this in here and have you look at it as far as save type, pixel border and anything else so if i make a couple I will know exactly what to do. Not sure that this is big enough to do one with.


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