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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy from New York, Sep 2, 2005.

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    Not trying to resurrect the whole 3-4/4-3 feud. But I listened to the first half on SIRIUS and the first defensive series went so quickly they didnt have time to finsih announcing the Jags offensive unit much less the Dallas D. On the second possession they read off that Dallas was in a 4-3 with Ferguson and Glover at DTs and Ellis and I think Ware at DEs, Nyguen, Singleton and James were the LBs.
    How long did we use this formation? BP knows he needs to get Glover more playing time than he originally thought and that didnt seem like a bad formation to start off with against SD. Although my preference would be putting Burnett in for Singleton. Also, how great will a nickle D be with Spears coming in on the line and Ware being a 5th rusher fro a linebacker spot?
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    Burnett for Singleton is just a matter of time. I think BP pulled him off nickel so he could get the basics down quicker and get on the field.

    I still think the best defensive formation for the Cowboys is a 4-3 over/under scheme. Ware, Spears, Glover, Ferguson, Ellis, Nguyen and Burnett. It has some 3-4 concepts and I think its what BP referred to when he talked about a 4 man line with 3 man front concepts.

    I love the possibilities for nickel pass rush. Ware, Ellis, Glover and either Spears or Canty as a nickel tackle.

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