Defensive line restructuring plan

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Galian Beast

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    Biggest move the team needs to make is replacing DeMarcus Ware. Greg Hardy is a great option for that.

    We also have to replace Hatcher/Ratliff. I believe Henry Melton would be the obvious choice, depending on his health and status.

    Those are two high priced free agents, but they'll help remake this team overnight.

    In the draft if we add Stephon Tuitt or Trent Murphy I think we'll be sitting pretty. Hopefully we could draft a defensive tackle in the 2nd or 3rd round, if not Bass would get the nod.

    Releasing Ware and Austin, having already released Ratliff, and not resigning Spencer, affords us the ability to spend more on the defensive line altogether.

    Thoughts are welcome, even dissenting ones. I think the biggest worry would be how healthy Melton is, and if he can come back and produce as he did before. If we keep Marinelli, I think this is a no brainer. Without knowing much behind the scenes, I'd guess that he'd want to come back to Texas where he is from and play for the his old defensive coordinator. He might be on the outs in Chicago because of his legal trouble combined with his injury and expense.
  2. Nunez21

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    I think releasing all those guys would give us only a few mil in cap lol
  3. xwalker

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    Why would Caroline not either franchise or re-sign Hardy?
  4. TheCowboy

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    Cause they're sweet
  5. Galian Beast

    Galian Beast Well-Known Member

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    Obviously it is based on availability, the same goes for Melton.
  6. TTexasTT

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    lol Why is Meltons name being kicked around so much. I dont want to see that guy in Dallas.
    Id rather pay Ware and hope he gets 12 sacks than watch a guy coming off a crippling ACL injury and a repeating history of alcohol abuse problems.
    Drunk driving, assult, public intox.......
    Not to mention the money he will still want.
    No freakin thanks.

    Thankfully I doubt Dallas will even give him a look.
  7. xwalker

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    There are reasons that Melton could be available. They're doubtful to Franchise him again because it requires a 20% pay increase. He had all of his success with a different coaching staff in Chicago. He is only about 295 and the current Bears coaching staff might prefer bigger DTs like the Giants usually prefer in their 4-3 scheme.

    There is also the character issues. Marinelli would know if those are a significant issue.
  8. Future

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    We probably won't be able to sign one of those guys, let alone both.
  9. JoeyBoy718

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    Great plan but I don't see it all happening in one year.
  10. Oh_Canada

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    Firstly, nothing will be possible if the Cowboys don't either part ways with Ware or get him to agree to a substantial cut. However, if they do make the hard choice I think any/all of these three fa's are possible:

    Someone brought up the name Mike Neal in another thread. I think he's the kind of versatile, high motor player the team should look at, and would come at a very reasonable cost. Not sure he could replace a Jason Hatcher, but definitely could help at the three-tech.

    Another player who should become available at a reasonable price is Robert Ayers. Totally miscast as an olb when he first entered the league but has been productive since moving to end in the 4-3. May not be Ware, but I think given full time snaps could be at or near double digit sacks.

    Player I want most is Linval Joseph, but not sure if he's a Maranelli type. Personally I think the team would benefit from a behemoth at the one spot in this defense. I felt like teams could run at the middle of the defense pretty easily when they needed to.

    Draft a couple of other dlineman reasonably high and suddenly you have depth and talent at a position severely needing it.
  11. casmith07

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    I think you probably take a similar approach to how we did it with the offensive line.

    Probably massive turnover for all the positions except that of DeMarcus Ware. He becomes the veteran anchor.

    Jason Hatcher is as good as gone, Anthony Spencer maybe stays on a very minimal two-year contract. Selvie's contract is negligible.

    The DT spots basically are an open competition -- you get back guys like Bass and Crawford, and add some draft picks and maybe another Selvie-style free agent and may the best man win.

    If DeMarcus Ware breaks down due to injury again, then his position becomes up for grabs as well, but I think you have to give him the benefit of the doubt for at least one season.
  12. Galian Beast

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    The only kind of anchor DeMarcus Ware is, is the kind that weighs you down and prevents you from going any where...

    Stunned that people want this ballast on the defensive line again. He is getting paid the equivalent of two pro bowlers and had less production than George Selvie a walk on guy... GET OUT OF HERE! STOP, JUST STOP!
  13. tayloner182

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    I don't think there is any way we add Melton or Hardy, or any of the other higher priced guys. Myself and some others keep reiterating, but I really think we need to focus on some of the less expensive players that may be available, the Everson Griffen's and the Mike Neal's. These are the guys who are realistic this off season I think. The only free agent I personally would maneuver massive cap space for would be Jairus Byrd.
  14. rags747

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    IMO Ware will not be released, they will hold onto him one more year to see if this year was an aberration.
  15. TheSport78

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    Greg Hardy would be solid...oh wait we're not giving out $60 million dollar contracts to free agents
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  16. tayloner182

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  17. Idgit

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    No high priced VFAs for me. Value guys, or draft players with the skill to develop, or you find an aging player with enough tread left to help you out. Keep on filling needs through the draft and developing the talent.
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  18. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    Well, we can't.

    The only real hope is to admit the real problem. We have no interior pressure. End of story.

    Since we are talking about the Panthers, they had the edge rushers in Hardy and Charles Johnson the past several seasons. It really did them little good until they decided to fix a real issue at defensive tackle when they took both Lotulelei and Short back to back. They paired those with a rotation inside with Colin Cole (off the scrap heap) and incumbent Dwan Edwards. Interior pressure changes a lot of things and it certainly helped them. We would be wise to look inside first, then worry about replacing Spencer.
  19. TheSport78

    TheSport78 The Excellence of Execution

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    Here's my quick fix:

    1. Ask Ware to cut his salary in half, if he refuses, cut ties.
    2. Re-sign Spencer to a 1 or 2 year deal and pencil him in as a starter; Selvie is the backup plan
    3. Tyrone Crawford will be the 1 or 3 tech; Ben Bass and Nick Hayden provides depth
    4. Draft your last DL in the 1st or 2nd; stay true to your board
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  20. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    Nice in theory, but I do not think Jones has the inclination, or the courage, to do it.

    No thank you. Enough with penciling in walking wounded as starters. We did it with Ratliff we do not want to do it again. If I am taking and spending what might be decent money on an injured player, I go get Melton who is coming off a less intrusive type of injury and is younger.

    Disagree again. Crawford needs to be viewed as what he is. An injured player coming back that quite honestly was unproven to begin with. I would view him and Bass as clear and distinct reserves. Hayden would not even figure in my thought process he is so ordinary. Nice try hard player, but easily improved upon.

    Of course keep true to the board. But getting interior pressure has to be first priority when valuing the defensive linemen.

    There are quite a few disruptive defensive tackles that could be available (Donald, Sutton, Hageman). It is simply deeper than the outside rushers, luckily for us.
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