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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jem88, Oct 13, 2005.

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    I haven't been able to see every game (I still can't believe I missed the Eagles game!!) So could someone with an objective viewpoint give me their thoughts on the individual D-linemen after 5 games (including Ware.) A mark out of 10 will suffice with a short explanation. Cheers!
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    Counting Ware and Ogbogu as D-lineman, here are my rankings:

    Glover - 8.5
    Ellis - 8
    Ware - 7.5
    Canty - 7
    Ferguson - 7
    Spears - 6.5
    Ratliff - 6.5
    Coleman - 5
    Ogbogu - 5

    Thank God we didn't get rid of Glover and Ellis, like many on this Board were calling for. The good news is that Ware, Canty, Spears, and Ratliff could all easily be ranked higher by the end of the year. I don't think it is at all a stretch to say 2 or 3 of those guys could end up more valuable than Glover and Ellis by this time next year. I'm not saying that is a certainty, but it is a real possibility. IMO, the only D-lineman who currently ranks as a dissapointment would be Ferguson. Hopefully he'll come around.
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    I think you have to take the 34 and the 43 sepperate. Because when we are in the 34 Glover gets pushed around bad and that's one reason for the Run or lack of run D when he's in. Now in the 43 and Nickle he's just as good as ever. in the 34 Fergueson is better in the 43 Glover is better.

    I'm wondering why Fergueson isn't playing more? Is bp trying to save him for a late playoff run or is he trying to build up Glover's trade value?
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    Glover traded?

    No way.

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    No, I think injuries will resolve this, somebody gets dinged during the course of the season or worse...
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    The glover trade value remark I made was joking due to what Awakend said about all the hype about trading Glover and or Ellis this offseason and because

    I was one (of many) who thought Glover would be traded, I was wrong.

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