Defensive Stats pretty horrific

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Beast_from_East, Oct 10, 2013.

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    I think it is middle of the pack and the pts and yards numbers will level out over the season to reflect that as we play more mediocre competition. Those absurd Denver stats only through 5 games make us look worse, though they have been doing that to everyone (surprisingly we were more effective than their average opponent so far). If you are not happy with them being an average defense (I am not ecstatic about it) then ok. Versus playoff caliber teams we will have to put up points like last week (look at the SF/GB and ATL/SEA playoff games last year), and in an offensive driven league, I am more interested in the consistency of our offense. 0 pts in the 2nd half against SD and then 51 against DEN. Let's keep scoring points. Last week was how you have to beat Denver and we came up short, force a few turnovers, hold them to a few field goals, and out score them. We will not face that kind of efficiency the rest of the year and thus I think our defense will not really cost us too much.
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    Jeff Heath played very good in preseason. Wont hurt to give him a try.
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    Very nice. Thank you
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    They're also getting scorched when they drop deep and they throw the ball underneath.
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    I'm kind of surprised there wasn't more (indepth) talk about this this week. Yeah we got some superficial kind of stuff. But not really the nuts & bolts stuff I would have liked to have read.
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    I wrote a lot more then decided to erase it. Mostly because in the end I don't know enough to know why this defense is allowing this or what they're going to do to stop it.
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    I know we've seen the Mickey article but other than that all we've gotten are generalities, i.e. the defense sucked and it has to play better.

    I thought we would have gotten more.
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    He's got to send more than one guy up the middle on a blitz. Mix up the number coming from 4-7 and where from.

    I can't begin to give anyone a guess as to personnel and type of zone with responsibilities or mixed zone press/man coverages esp in special packages. But I agree he's got to come up with more than his basic schemes for 4/3/4 and 4/2/5.

    Having played ILB I empathize with Lee and the plight of dropping deep and covering these hybrid TEs and speedy WRs and recognizing something underneath coming and not dropping too deep to be able to cover underneath. And that doesn't even take into account after recognizing it you've still got to have the skills to make those plays. That's a tall order for an ILB. I admire Lee taking the heat and saying they aren't getting it done but I'm not certain there is a player big and fast enough to drop into coverage and play like a safety, cover underneath well enough to stay with fast shifty RBs, and come up into traffic and stop the run and screens yada.

    I don't have any answers just questions.
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    Come on the San Francisco game was not lost because of defense , our offense stopped functioning all 2nd half , defense got gassed.

    Not favoring our record setting D ( for wrong reasons) but our offense hasn't opened up like the broncos game in the four games before that, may be we could have won the chiefs game if we had tried a bit offense.
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    You are discounting Romo's injury. He was finally able to chuck it last week. Had he been able to play like that vs the Chiefs things might have worked out differently.
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    It's a different NFL now. The key to winning is scoring 51 points...
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    This - when we blitz it seems to mostly be to take a guy out of underneath coverage and to vanish into the blocked linemen. I would LOVE more from the corner. Even if the RB can get over, it always unnerves the QB to see someone coming off the edge at high speed like that and seems harder to block for long. Up the gut pressure is great IF you can get it but the line blocks inside out and we rarely seem to come free. Move the pressure around, overload a side, do something other than justsendaguy.
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