Demarco Murray Contract Talk

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheFinisher, Jun 19, 2014.

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    Oh no, always room for healthy debate! I think the Barber situation was rather different. Barber had a short life span due to his style, he was always suited for the closer role. Murray is very similiar to Adrian Peterson in my opinion. At least in styles of running. The thing about Murray is that he hasn't even had a good OL until now, and last year our OL was OK. If we properly utilize him behind the OL, he will have identical numbers to AP.

    I truly believe Murray can be elite if he is given the chance. You have to remember we never ran the ball when we should of last year, and Murray had a very high YPC.

    Barber was a TD machine, where Murray is more of an actual RB imo.
  2. casmith07

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    Yep. Good enough to definitely keep around. Players like him don't just grow on running back trees, and you can't call 1-800-Running Back.
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    I'd sign DeMarco Murray but it seems that the Dallas Cowboys Front Office isn't on the same ball field.
  4. TwentyOne

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    I dont understand the discussion.

    You DONT pay RB in this league. Everything else is bad management.

    We had enough bad decissions by our so callled cap gurus. Its time to make good ones.

    Draft RBs and let those walk whos rookie contracts expire.
  5. DuDa

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    2 years for 6 million. That is the going rate for RB's these days. Anything more than that is overpaying. I say let him go out and find his market price then work from there.
  6. d_dub88

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    Where are you getting those numbers?
  7. DuDa

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    Just look at the contracts given out to RB's this year. They have been averaging about 3ish mil per.
  8. d_dub88

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    If Murray has another 1000yd season holding a 5yd avg he will be looking at a contract that should pay him somewhere around 7mil a year. I don't know what RB who inked a new deal this year you can compare Murray to, because most are either older or they were never a feature back. Maybe Chris Johnson, but he turned into a headache for the front office and couldn't run on the goaline during games.

    With the cap going up next season a 3mil offer would be like spitting in his face.
  9. Doomsday101

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    Teams pay for good players, any position can be a so called dime a donzen, quality ball players are not. This notion that this league does not pay RB BS , teams with quality RB are paying to keep them.
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    I think it's hilarious that some think you can just grab any back out of the draft and it will be fine. We will just end up overpaying a Mark Ingram or Trent Richardson. If he can stay healthy, you have to keep a proven player.
  11. Doomsday101

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    I agree. Lynch was a major player for the seahawks you don't just replace him with some other guy. RB like all postions takes skill and some players have a lot more skills and ability than others
  12. d_dub88

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    I would say Lynch is Seattle's best player.
  13. Doomsday101

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    I think he sets a tone for that team with his toughness and never give up attitude.
  14. Chuck 54

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    You pay a 26 year old RB a 3 year contract if he stays healthy and has a very good year unless you see an opportunity to improve at the position.
  15. Bullflop

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    I'd be inclined to give Murray a contract based largely upon production incentives. That way, if he has another serious problem with injury, his production would reflect the much necessary time lost. We've had far too many cap problems induced largely by an excessive amount of injuries necessitating additional replacements. We've got to protect our cap-related financial business.
  16. GimmeTheBall!

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    Be fair to him as commensurate (I learned that word at the adult learning center, so i feel obligated to use it often) with his work last year.
    what is fair? well that be subjective but a 2-year 3-mil a year deal would be fair, in mein mind.
    But there are issues of injuries.
    Then again, I am optimistic that with the emerging great O line, he can be a star. After 2 years, if Murray is playing well, then pay him like a top tier RB.
  17. bkight13

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    You could give him a 2m/yr base salary and another 1m incentives every year for Games Played. You could also him a 1m Roster Bonus every April 1st. But I wouldn't guarantee anything or give him a big signing bonus. He might not like those terms, but he loves being a Cowboy and should know that the FA RB market is basically non-existent.
  18. Blackspider214

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    His logic is correct. Don't know if I agree to do it but he's saying what is the point of giving out these big contracts to guys who will essentially be useless long term if we have no QB? Romo is nearing the end of his career and one more surgery and it could be it. When teams rebuild, the first thing they do is start ridding themselves of their star players to dump salary.

    As long as Romo is under center, you have to try and compete because while he is not great, he will keep your team from being in the cellar.

    As far as Murray, it needs to be a wait and see. Definitely do not do it before next offseason. No sense in it. Like Norm said yesterday, RBs in this league are not valued anymore. Gone are the days of Emmitt. And Peterson is just a freak of nature and not the norm. Chris Johnson just a few years back was a beast and now he's on the streets. There was another RB who got a 4 or 5 year deal and cut after one season. RBs are used and spit out now.
  19. Redball Express

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    Just think MBIII and you know what to do.

    No problem paying him like as long contributing like one.
  20. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Yep. It was all over for Barber the minute he was made a starter. I'll never understand that. He was doing great the way he was.

    As for Murray. Don;'t break the bank but give him a fair deal. He deserves it. Everyone says that it's so easy to find a RB but the Cowboys seem to have problems finding quality backups for him.
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