Demarco Murray is a difference maker

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Hoofbite

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    I think the reason people call DeMarco Murray a difference maker is because Felix doesn't rush for all the hypothetical yardage.

    Last week they put up the numbers in games when Murray is in and out. They were pretty different.
  2. LarryCanadian

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    Other teams defenses actually bit on the play action when Murray is in there.

    Murray also rarely loses yards and often makes a number of yards after first and even second contact. He bounces outside off large piles - as he has above average vision it would seem, at least at times.

    This gives the oline a bit of a boost in confidence - don't underestimate that on a struggling unit.

    The fact that defenses don't cheat as much when he is in there is a big plus.

    He is also an emotional lift - as he comes through often in the big situations (like the first down run late in game -that was pretty big). Game 1 he really made the Cowboys a tougher team, rolling over the Giants - he brings a winning attitude that just plain HELPS those around him both from the obvious and the intangibles!
  3. Doomsay

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    Murray has 15 first downs in the last 2 games - he has been a crucial drive extender since returning.
  4. AbeBeta

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    What? Fantasy stats aren't the only story?
  5. RoyTheHammer

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    Fantasy stats? Who cares about fantasy stats?
  6. BanditHiro

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    he makes plays Felix Jones can't simple as that.
  7. Blackspider214

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    Sometimes Murray runs like he's drunk out there. Stumbling around and running into players.

    He made a few clutch runs when we needed them today but overall, he was very underwhelming. That many carries and only 50 or so yards, not good.

    And yes, he's good when he's out there. But that's the problem. You can't rely on him to be healthy.
  8. Idgit

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    What's so impressive to me about Murray is how many first downs the guy gets after contact. Those are big, big plays, and he does it multiple times, every week. That first down to seal the game was, what, his third drive-extending run today against a very active front? That's rare, hugely important, and it's not something that shows up in a regular stat line.
  9. Doomsay

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    Murray was 5-5 in 3rd down conversions, that's the definition of clutch.
  10. Bleu Star

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    Agree. The thing you can't account for is presence. His sheer presence in the game causes defenses to have to play honest which opens up the overall passing game for the rest of the offense. So glad to have him back.
  11. Idgit

    Idgit That sounds really boring Staff Member

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    Murray's day today is pretty much the definition of why traditional running game stats can't accurately measure the effectiveness of a running game. Murray was a big reason why we won this game.

    I'm not sure how to probably measure the significance of the effect for running backs, but it's the difference between winning and losing and has nothing to do with ypc or ypa. He kept the chains moving, though, when nobody else on our roster could have. Very impressive.
  12. kevm3

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    Why do we need to cast down one cowboys player to uplift another one? Murray is the bonafide starter and Felix is the back-up. Murray does get those critical first downs, which is crucial.
  13. CowboysYanksLakers

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    They have to keep giving him the football... He's going to break some long runs!
  14. alohawg

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    lol, yes he does- good honest assessment. What's your take on Jones?
  15. Wezsh0T

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    The stat line has nothing to do with what Murray did out there. Those runs and catches in the 4th quarter allowed the comeback and then the victory. As they say, "stats don't always tell the whole story". Anyone would be pleased with that stat line if they take into account the situations in which those paltry stats were gained.
  16. SuspectCorner

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    When DeMarco is in - opponent defenses merely DO honor the Dallas run threat more than they would with Felix or any other Cowboys back in there as his stead.

    It takes pressure off Tony Romo by forcing the front seven to commit to stopping the run. Which leads to more one-on-one coverage of Dez, Myles, the slot receiver and Witten. Which ends in some overmatched defender on any play.
  17. RoyTheHammer

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    He made some first downs.. i appriciate the fact that he gets us a new set of down when its needed.

    Nowhere have i said that i dislike Murray at all.. im a big fan.
  18. Joe Realist

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    Please stay healthy!!
  19. Denim Chicken

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    I feel like Murray can get short yardage when the opposition knows the run is coming and stacks the box (i.e. the first touchdown and the last first down). I like Felix, but I don’t trust his push is obvious short yardage situations.
  20. e41dalasfan

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    I know ...The only difference is Garrett sticks with him no matter how many times he gets stopped for a negative loss, or stopped for one or two yards...Sticking with the run is helping the team more than who id running the ball ...these people need to get real

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