Demarco Murray's running style

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CATCH17, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. NickZepp

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    He didn't play the NC game his sophomore year against Florida either.
  2. Dodger

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    That is true, but he would have played if he didn't get injured on the opening kickoff of that game.
  3. NickZepp

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    I believe he got hurt in the Missouri game on a kickoff. Could be wrong on that though. Based completely off memory.
  4. Wishbone82

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    I really hope Murray is healthy for most of the year so that we can see what he is absolutely capable of..... When i watched college ball, i just really remember the times he bounced outside of everyone......... So far,in the pros, he has impressed me with his vision. I hope he shows alot more of that. We really could use another quick back that has spectacular vision and stay consistently healthy :)
  5. landryscorner

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    I agree he sure is physical but needs to be smarter. Emmitt lasted so many seasons because he was a smart player and avoided or I should say evaded big hits without negating his positive yardage all those seasons. IF demarco wants to last in the NFL he need to do the same. I believe his injuries are all connected to his physical running style. A physical back who punishes defenders is great. A physical back who punishes players but at the same time is smart about being elusive is even greater.

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