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News: DeMarcus Ware, 3 rookies honored

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

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  2. Cowboys&LakersFan

    Cowboys&LakersFan Benched

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    Well deserved another spectacular season by DeMarcus Ware. Best defensive player in the league IMO. Also good to see the rooks get recognized fir their great rookie campaigns.
  3. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

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    You got the best kicker in the draft, best linemen in the draft and the best running back. Not a bad draft.
  4. Sarge

    Sarge Red, White and Brew... Staff Member

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  5. DBOY3141

    DBOY3141 Well-Known Member

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    We didn't draft Bailey.
  6. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

    6,852 Messages
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    Okay well you got the best kicker to enter the draft. You got a lot of quality players and good character guys in the draft. Its tough getting 3 of the best players at any position in a draft. Cowboys did it and this is with Bruce Carter being hurt and the jury still being out on him.
  7. Califan007

    Califan007 Well-Known Member

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    2nd best running back...Roy Helu was first lol :D...
  8. jblaze2004

    jblaze2004 Well-Known Member

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    helu is good but come on everyone knows shanny's system produce running backs like nothing because of all the chop blocking and etc. Heck ryan torrain and hightower looked like probowlers in shanny's system. Imagine what demarco would do in that system.

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