Demarcus Ware & Marcus Spears smiling on the sidelines at the end of the game...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Nov 24, 2012.

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    You tell me that no one has ever been forced to retract a statement, and then I'll agree with you.

    Are you going to tell us all that NO ONE in the organization (players, coach, owner) talked to him about his statement? No one?

    Whether it was Jones, Ware himself, or anyone else, someone talked to him, and that combined with the media attention made him change his tune.

    You're crazy if you think someone didn't influence his backtracking.
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    Don't find these threads sad, but I agree in general.


    And totally agree with this..

  3. Zordon

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    hatcher was extremely uncomfortable with all of the attention he was getting for those comments. after he came back from the offseason i believe it was at the banquet where he told the press to stop asking him questions about it. at that point he was willing to say or do whatever it takes to make it go away.
  4. unsportsmanlikeconduct

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    I completely disagree with those that thought it was acceptable to be smiling on the sidelines due to the following:

    Allowed 38 points
    Allowed game ending, time consuming 4th quarter drive, again.
    Had 2 total tackles, 3 between the two of them!
    No sacks
    Critical division loss with a chance to tie division leader
    Lost the game

    I think the losing culture of the Cowboys is totally relevant to accepting losing. Smiling on the sidelines in a loss this crucial in nature just gives the appearance of Ware and Spears not caring.
    I don't see the correlation of being upset at Ware and Spears smiling and Ware's career. Nobody in this thread has stated Ware is not a good player.
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    I haven't seen any other team with as much heart and passion for the game as the 90s Cowboys. They were a dynasty and the best team of the decade. So, no, I don't think this current Cowboys team has the same passion, but that doesn't mean they like to lose. Could be that they're getting used to it after doing it for so long, I suppose.
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    Please stop.
    D Where(?) is the equivalent of ARod from the Yankees. He'll hit all the 3-run homers you want in a 5 run game, but put him in the playoffs and he's 2-18.
    DW gets sacks and is undoubtedly a great player, but when was the last time the man made a sack when it absolutely mattered?
    Remember Reggie White's consecutive sacks in the Super Bowl, or LT's sack4fumbles when it counted?
    I can't remember a signature DWare moment that one can turn to when looking back at his career. Teams have driven down the field for winning scores against us for YEARS, but the symbol of the defense is held up as some sorta benchmark?
    Sorry, he's D Where(?) when it counts, and all-world the rest of the time. :bang2:
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    To be fair he sacked drew brees in 2010 to end the game i believe, to me its just that he gets double teamed every play so its harder to make a play.
  8. CutMeMick

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    All due respect but LT and Reggie White saw alot of double-teams too, and even if they didn't get EVERY sack, they seemed to get a few key ones when it mattered.
    And thats the tough part- sacking Brees was amazing, of course. But where was that play when the Giants, Ravens, Eagles, etc. have marched down the field in game-winning situations? The number of crucial back-breaking drives by opponents, to win or put away games, is enormous.
    For a player supposedly of his caliber, one lonely sack of Brees is simply not enough. IMHO.
  9. Hook'em#11

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    Ware wouldn't of lasted on those teams with the way he is. He would of been run out a long time ago. Those teams wouldn't of put up with anyone other than maybe Witten on these loser soft teams that come out now.

    I know, I know. Nothing can be said negative about Romo or Ware in here.

    Quite frankly , I could care less. This just irks me to no end.

    And.... It's the friggin deadskins!... Maybe these new school kids playing on this team need to brush up on some history.
  10. HoustonFrog

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    Agree. I've never gotten the smiling and comingling after games. Heck in high school if we lost in any sport I was peeved for days. I know its a different level but when you accept losing as an ordinary event then that says something. I want guys pissed. Again, this is what I've said all one expects excellence anymore..mediocrity rules..even for some fans.
  11. bbailey423

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    I don't think it applies to "some fans" applies to a lot. Which is WHY Jerry can continue to buy time TRYING to rebuild this franchise...because MONEY is still coming in.

    I cannot for the LIFE of me understand how some fans CONSISTENTLY...week after week...month after month....year after year...defend what has become of the Dallas Cowboys.

    I have mellowed, and getting into it with these same fans is DRANINING. But at the end of the day...the results speak for themselves. We are average...have been average for a long time. And as we see the 49ers starting to solidify themselves.....and the Redskins adding a franchise QB that will be a thorn in our side for years...and the Eagles more than likely beging their rebuilding makes you wonder how for behind we are going to fall
  12. Everlastingxxx

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    Like Jimmy said, it’s a country club atmosphere.

    Those saying that it’s ok to be smiling on the sidelines while you are getting your butts handed to you, are just fooling themselves and others. Anything worth anything to you will be defended with anger. See what kindof emotion comes out when someone tries to hurt a family member of yours. The nicest person reacts in anger. Losing means nothing to these spoiled players.
  13. bigdnlaca

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    Players would smile after a loss could be for a lot of reasons than just not caring. It could be that they are happy going thru another game without being paralyzed or killed playing a violent sport.

    I have a feeling they are hurt by the loss, but in many players' eyes, there are so many wonderful things to live for other than football.
  14. Oh_Canada

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    Nothing wrong with the sentiment-now go play something like golf or lawn bowling and leave the professional football to people who care about winning.
  15. intelmax

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    Well we have a bar right next to our locker room, teams come into our billion dollar playpen and have a blast. Its like an amusement park for them, sadly not much of a "home field" advantage.

    But i will admit its hard for me to criticize ware, i remember for years i would pray that he got a sack on third down because no one else could get one.
  16. HoustonFrog

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    I've been saying this all along. Being 42 I started following them as a kid in the mid 70s. That is in the middle of their 20 straight winning seasons. Even for half the 80s they were still getting back to championship games. Then you had a little dip and the 90s teams. But there was always a constant...EXPECTING EXCELLENCE! It's what made the cowboys special. Here we are with one playoff win and 15 years later and people are still here acting like we are going in the right direction. I've mellowed but accepting mediocrity and saying that all of the players, coaches, etc are doing well despite the results is just pure ridiculousness. People need to wake up. We don't have players with that a few.
  17. DenCWBY

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    For those who lived through the great times of Staubach and Aikman, it's very sad to see a perinnal powerhouse deminished to absolute and consistent mediocrity. I use to be insulted when someone challenged our "Americas Team" mantra. Our team had nick names like Doomsday, Triplets, Captain Comeback, TooTall, Playmaker. We don't have those leadership entitlements anymore and we certainly don't deserve to be called "Americas Team" unless we want to think of your own country as mediocre.:mad:
  18. lockster

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    I think the same thing as "Go Cowboys Go" A team should be allowed to resign it's own player for a little bit more than the competition with a 10 percent discount
  19. Zordon

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    what happened to the nicknames? :(
  20. boyzjunkie

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    If you put Witten, Romo and Ware on the gnats and take any three gnat players off that team they go straight to the Super Bowl.

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