DeMarcus Ware and Julian Petersen

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by t.o.boys81, Mar 19, 2006.

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    Supposedly Julian Petersen is going to meet with the Cowboys next week. I don't know if this is true, but if we can somehow sign him we will have the best OLB tandem in the NFL. DeMarcus Ware will really improve with Petersen on the other side. Nobody could some them. We would be blitzing like crazy.
  2. Cajuncowboy

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    Only if Zimmer doesn't snuff out their ability. But I agree they would be a terror.
  3. The30YardSlant

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    Yeah, just like Zimmer snuffed out Ware's ability to have one of the best rookie years ever for an OLB :rolleyes:

    Zimmer believes in not giving up the big play, I'll give you that. But here's my question: Would you rather have 8 sacks and 2-3 INTs in a game but give up 21 points because the aggresiveness gave up a few big plays, or have just a few sacks, 1 or no INTs, but only give up 10 points?

    Zimmer simply believes in the latter, as do I.
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    Peterson would be a great pick up for this team...i've ssen him play in person, including the SF game last year and he plays MUCH bigger then his size indicates. He's the type of player you game plan for. He's healthy...injury is behind him.

    I'm all for bigger OLB's, but this is one 240 pounder i'd take in a heartbeat. He plays much bigger. Having him and Ware would be outrageous. He is an excellent cover LB, not to mention he has DE rushing moves and can close as fast as Ware on a QB.

    For those of you that have not seen him play, and are hung up on his size and me. He's worth getting.
  5. Cajuncowboy

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    I would rather let a guy use his natural ability and do what he does best than try to force someone to play a scheme that doesn't fit that player. Too many times we played soft and lost at the end. The first redskin game last year is a perfect example. Stay agressive and you will win. Start playing games with your best players and you will lose.

    And since we've been doing it Zimmer's way how much success have we had?

    YOu can have 20 sacks in a year, but if you don't make the playoffs, what's the point?
  6. The30YardSlant

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    We lost to the Redskins because Aaron Glenn and Roy Williams were caught out of position, that was NOT Zimmer's fault, RW should have stayed back instead of coming up on both plays.
  7. Cajuncowboy

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    When you have the opponent beat you with 4 minutes left in the game TWICE to beat you, it is indeed the players fault. But if you are playing agressive and getting pressure on the QB, Brunnell doesn't make that throw once, let alone twice. It was conservative playcalling on the defensive side of the ball that cost that game.
  8. theebs

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    Your jumping the gun a little bit. I personally think there is no way in hell that peterson comes here, he wants way way too much.

    The thing with that guy though he is so athletic, he has played safety all linebacker spots and end for the 49ers.

    The problem is we would be giving him weakside pass rushing money and then we would be putting him on the strong side and asking him to do the total opposite. The strong side has to be a run defender who tries and forces the backs and tight ends inside, you dont need a pass rusher in that spot. You need a bruiser. We can get an olb in the draft who can play spot duty this year in a tandem with al singleton, singleton did these things very well if you ask me. He just keeps getting hurt.

    Bobby carpenter has the size and instincts to play that strong side linebacker spot, he will be less expensive, younger and have a longer career here. IF we stick a guy like carpenter over there with his size roy williams can come to the line and roam free and do all the things you are talking about peterson doing. Carpenter can occupy tackles and tight ends and blow up running that we have two inside backers who will mix it up with o-lineman and put their hats on guys and the pass rushers on the weak side in ware and thornton, we need that big athletic strongside guy to slow down the running game and force it inside where the lineman can get to them.........

    just my two cents, but peterson and arrington are not good fits for our strong side backer position and for the money they want if we were to sign either one of them parcells and jones should be raked over the coals and torn a new one.

    That strongside backer spot is singletons for early in the year and then hopefully a rookie drafted in one of the top three rounds and maybe burnett if he can get healthy.......but we need a run plugger and an occupier over there not another pass rush, having said that the guy does need to be able to get to the quarterback occasionally and I think guys like bobby carpenter, ernie sims, demeco ryans, chad greenway or thomas howard can stop the run and get to the qb occasionally.

    Remember also , we are a two gap read and react defense, not a scheming disguising blitzing team. Parcells has never used confusing schemes or lots of blitz packages, he relies on good smart players to take care of their assignments.......troy aikman always talked about this, the giants and pats when he played them were mostly cover 2 and 3 and were good against the run creating 3rd and long then sending his pass rushers loose.....two gap read and react...
  9. t.o.boys81

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    Good point, theebs.
  10. jbsg02

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    if ernie sims wasnt so small he would be someone to pick at 18
  11. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Other than the fact that Peterson primarilt played ROLB for the Niners thus making his whole post meaningless.
  12. The30YardSlant

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    Peterson and Ware would likely flip sides in this happened. Ware is a better run stopper.
  13. Future

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    you are a hater
  14. ghst187

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    I would prefer Arrington to Peterson. Arrington is bigger and flat out wrecks havoc without a lot of injury concerns. I know he said he wouldn't play here, but he's obviously not worth what he thought.
  15. theebs

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    Oh really? As I said since he played in two defenses in sf, the 4-3 and now the 34 he has played about 6 positions. That is because of his athletic ability. He even played ss for them in certain sets....

    maybe you need to do a little more research...

    Depth Chart

    Mouse over player name for stats; Click for player info.

    Printable version


    Running Back
    K. Barlow
    F. Gore
    M. Hicks

    C. Hetherington
    F. Beasley

    Wide Receiver
    B. Lloyd
    J. Morton
    R. Marshall

    A. D. Smith
    K. Dorsey
    C. Pickett

    Wide Receiver
    A. Battle
    O. Amey
    J. McAddley

    Right Tackle
    K. Harris
    P. Estes
    H. Dahl

    Right Guard
    D. Baas
    T. Wragge

    E. Heitmann

    Left Guard
    J. Smiley
    D. Baas

    Left Tackle
    A. Snyder

    Tight End
    T. Jones
    B. Bajema
    S. Bush


    Left Defensive End
    B. Young
    T. Hall

    Nose Tackle
    A. Adams
    I. Sopoaga
    R. Fields

    Right Defensive End
    M. Douglas
    T. Hall

    Left Outside Linebacker
    J. Peterson
    C. Smith

    Left Inside Linebacker
    B. Moore
    J. Maxwell

    Right Inside Linebacker
    D. M. Smith
    S. Rasheed

    Right Outside Linebacker
    A. Carter

    Left Cornerback
    D. Johnson
    B. Thornton
    A. Plummer

    Free Safety
    M. Adams
    K. Lewis

    Strong Safety
    B. Emanuel
    K. Lewis
    M. Anderson

    Right Cornerback
    S. Spencer
    B. Tucker

    Special Teams

    J. Nedney

    A. Lee

    Kick Returner
    M. Hicks
    R. Marshall
    J. McAddley

    Punt Returner
    R. Marshall
    O. Amey
    J. McAddley

    Long Snapper
    B. Jennings
    S. Bush

    A. Lee
  16. theebs

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    I just looked through every game book from last year for SF and he didnt once play rolb!!!! So not only are you rude, but you are wrong and uninformed. Andre carter new redskin played every game at rolb and when he didnt b. Emanuel played rolb....

    SO try again bro....
  17. AmishCowboy

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    If size and Coverage ability are needed on the Strong side in the 3-4, then why are there rumors of our interest in Manny Lawson and Thomas Howard,Two linebackers whose main traits are rushing the passer. Lawson, I believe played the D line in college most of the time. Both are close in size to Petersen.
  18. theebs

    theebs Believe!!!!

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    and again looked up all of 04's game books, and in the 4-3 defense played lolb...the weak side, because he is a pass rusher....j.ulbrich played all the games at rolb....

    so get some info before you act like a jerk...
  19. The30YardSlant

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    theebs, we get it :rolleyes:
  20. theebs

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    That is because for instance, lawson is 6"5 240 right now and is expected to put on mass, he is strong and explosive, much like peterson but bigger, his experience at end will help him shedding lineman and getting to the ball playing the run. Dont be confused by what I wrote, that spot will still rush the passer, its just that is not typically what the strong side does in any defense but especially in the 34 two gap read and react defense we play....

    kamberon wimberly who we are said to be interested in is like a peterson clone, same size...seems to have the same abilities...

    The thing on howard is he is said to have exceptional coverage skills and that is a huge part of that strong spot, covering tight ends and backs in the flat. he is fast and has a big burst, he is small though at 6"2 231....kind of like singletons size.....

    I think one of the tweeners that can do it all for us is Mark Anderson from alabama... he is almost 6"4 and is 256lbs... has a big wingspan is very strong and would be a perfect rotation guy, he could be like an early 2nd day pick but we dont have a 4th as of right now!! If we were to get a carpenter or lawson early I dont think we would take an anderson obviously, but anderson will play special teams and play the run well while learning behind singleton and would be young and very cheap being an early 2nd day pick.

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