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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by The30YardSlant, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Zman5

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    We should get old 94(Haley) to teach new 94(Ware) some pass rushing moves next offseason.
  2. LeonDixson

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    Spears did pretty good. Even though his job is to plug the middle he still broke through at least once and got pressure on Manning, chasing him to the sideline and forcing him to throw the ball away.
  3. Da Hammer

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    Ware becoming a sack artist in just his rookie year, its scary how good he is gonna be next year and beyond as he continues to learn the game and get better
  4. RatisBeast

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    I love the kid....he can only get better.
  5. Silverstar

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    He's gaining confidence with every game for sure. Ware is not a dominating force yet, but is getting closer and closer.

    I remember when Haley got 4 sacks in the first half against Pittsburgh.

    Now that's dominating.

  6. Juke99

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    I think his performance is pretty uneven right now, which is exactly what would be expected for a rookie out of a small school, learning a new position. Actually, "uneven" wouldn't be expected. "Lost" would be expected.

    He does flash great potential.
  7. ddh33

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    You mean, he isn't a bust? I thought some folks had already decided he was after the first game or two this year.
  8. scottsp

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    There was a play in the second quarter, I believe. The Giants ran a stretch play to their right. And they left Ware unblocked on their leftside. He chased Tiki Barber down from the backside on the other side of the formation for a loss on the play. His closing speed on plays like that get me as jazzed as any sack.

    Not many can make that play.
  9. ejthedj

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    He looks great pass rushing and is getting chipped all the time...
    But today he also looked great against the run... I remember the backside play, and there was another one run right at him. Plus i see him holding contain more often... If only the middle LBs were as good [​IMG]
  10. Billy Bullocks

    Billy Bullocks Active Member

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    Right now, there are 2 players, one of them in the NFC, who have the burst. Dwight Freeney is just sick with his speed off the edge. The other, who IMO, is the best player period, Julius Peppers..if anyne was watching that Carolina-Det. game, you may have seen the play where he came off the edge, completely got around the tackle, reached in and made a play on the ball..he's also 6'6" pushin 300lbs.

    Ware is going to be really good. He is already starting to look more comfortable in coverage and doing his outside containment. Each week he looks more and more natural out there, rather than thinking too much
  11. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

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    imagine when Ware, Spears and Canty, Ratliff get another year in a strength and conditioning program
  12. Billy Bullocks

    Billy Bullocks Active Member

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    I aleady am. We needed alot of rookies to come up big this year, and so far, they all have.
  13. jem88

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    Can't actually recall anyone saying he was bust. Let's not be paranoid here. Next you'll be claiming someone has an anti-Ware agenda.

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