Video: Demarcus Ware surprises young fan with Super Bowl tickets

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 5Stars, Jan 20, 2014.

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    People don't want to hear this, the trend is to hate Ware.
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    Good guy doing good things.
    When you are in a position like he is-
    Why not spread some joy?

    I would do the same if I was in his shoes.

    Nothing but good thoughts and feelings towards this.
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    I'm going to like every non-negative post in this particular thread.
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  7. dexternjack

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    No one hates Ware, or at least I don't think so. He is just the latest to get piled on, mainly due to his contract I suspect. If he was making 500k, it would rarely be mentioned that he needs to go.

    He is an honorable, genuine man with nothing but kindness in his heart. Maybe too kind at times(on the field). Just imagine if he had a mean streak like Taylor, Haley or Reggie.............would loved to see that side on the field.

    Keep paying it forward Ware................................hopefully karma kicks in and rejuvenates you for a couple more seasons :)
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    Ive wondered about this theory myself. Do you think that Ware and his jovial demeanor and gentle nature hold him back on the field? I tend to think that being a professional, he is able to turn this off from the snap to the whistle but I could see it the other way too I guess. I get disgusted my the way that Suh plays the game. Same with Sherman despite all the praise he is getting... I suspect Peyton isnt losing much sleep over his last episode.

    Anyway, I love seeing stuff like this. I think its wonderful when men in their position actually give back... and he seems to really embrace this role.
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    This is inspiring to help the entire Community to become a better way.
  11. tecolote

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    Ware, Witten and Romo. Man what I wouldn't give for those guys to get a ring with the Cowboys. They are three of the best players to ever wear the star, and not only that, they are three of the best men to ever do so.
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    Uhh, yeah!

    But this is hardly the thread to have that discussion lol
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    That is great. Ware seems to be a great guy although you never really know. One thing I do know though is he is one of the best cowboys of all time. While he is in that age where players lose the elite status. Hopefully he can be very good and not drop down to just good. Sometimes the drop is much faster than you expect given age and injuries. I for one hope he is back though.

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