DeMarcus Ware vs Super Mario.....who is better?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. CrazyCowboy

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    Green Bay Packers are supposedly foaming at the mouth to draft Super Mario Williams....heck, is he better then DeMarcus Ware?

    Suely not......had anyone seen him play? Ware is much faster......

    North Carolina State DE Mario Williams

    By Nolan Nawrocki
    Feb. 23, 2006

    Mario Williams​

    DE Mario Williams (Jr.)
    North Carolina State
    Ht: 6-6 | Wt: 285 | 40-time: 4.65 (all figures are estimated) Upside: Rare physical specimen with tremendous natural athleticism. Looks the part with long arms, huge hands and a giant wingspan. Reported to camp at almost 300 pounds and carried the weight very well. Looks like a man among boys. Has natural pass-rush ability. Very strong upper body and just swats blockers around. Stout vs. the run and can stack the corner and control blockers. Can play every position on the defensive line. Very durable. Has started all 36 games of his career and has played through injuries. Tremendous upside. Only 20 years old and is mature beyond his years.
    Downside: Needs to be more consistent and does not dominate like he should all the time. Could play with better leverage, hand use and pad level. Scouts would like to see him play with more urgency. Does not have great instincts. Takes some plays off.
    The way we see it: Big, strong, powerful base end with rare physical ability. Comes in the same mold as Julius Peppers and Courtney Brown. His hands are not as good as Peppers’, and he’s not as physical as Brown was, but he is stronger than both. When he wants to be, he can be a sheer force, but his motor needs to run all the time like it did late in the year after Chuck Amato challenged him at midseason. Williams has the full package and can flat-out change games. He plays the run and the pass better than any defensive end who has come out in a long time and has all the makings of a future star. Can fit just as easily in a 3-4 scheme as he would as a 4-3 base end. The eighth wonder of the world, Williams is worth considering with the very first pick in any given year.
  2. RESIN8

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    Two different positions. Maybe if you compared him to Spears than you'd get some comparision. If you are running a 4.6 at 290 lbs and 6-6 you are a top 5 pick in the 2006 draft.

    Ware is a 3-4 OLB while Mario Williams can play anywhere on the line. THere is really no comparison with the two.
  3. kojak

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    Ware is better with one year under his belt.:star:
  4. Rush 2112

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    Complete apples and oranges.

    Who was better, LT or Reggie White.

    Speed vs power.
  5. Byrdman1531

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    i saw mario williams standing outside his car at his apartment in NC State... the man is a goalith
  6. Yakuza Rich

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    What intrigues me about Williams is I think he could be work well in a 3-4 DE spot, then work as a DE in the 4-3 or nickel....sort of like Ellis does for Dallas. Except he could wind up being far better than Ellis at rushing the passer in the 4-3 and could be like Richard Seymour in the 3-4.

    Sort of reminds me a lot of Strahan. Slightly less power, but more speed.

  7. alancdc

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    I am a huge State fan, but there were games where he just disappeared. He takes so many plays off, and so, in that regard, I would rather have Ware. He also gets caught up inside too much on running plays.
  8. Rush 2112

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    No need to worry about being intrigued by Mario.

    Top ten lock.
  9. RCowboyFan

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    I think we have one of those. His name is Chris Canty, at least thats how I see Canty end up being. Similar height, build, and same ability to beat people at LOS.
  10. tyke1doe

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    I don't quite understand why you're making the comparison between Williams and Ware. :confused:
  11. TheEnigma

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    Mario couldn't hold Luigi's jockstrap.

    Now Luigi vs Ware would be a fairer matchup with Luigi just barely ahead of Ware due to versatility, unless of course it's Hammer Bros Luigi. ;)
  12. CrazyCowboy

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    The comparison is the position projected in the draft and what type of impact the player will have for his team.

    Ware was projected to go as high as the 4th pick on some teams and I personally believe we were lucky to have hime at 11th...

    Super Mario is really jumping up the charts but I feel he could be had in a similiar spot as Ware. I saw Mario Williams play against Va Tech and he made a few plays but to me, I just don't believe he will have the same impact as Ware did his rookie year....but maybe I am bias......that is why I was asking you Zoners to keep me straight!:bang2:
  13. Dayton Cowboy

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    I thought I saw a comparison between Mario and Julius Peppers. I think they are physically about the same. Though I am not sure about speed and agility comparisons.
  14. Billy Bullocks

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    Ive heard comparisons to someone who went to another Carolina school, Julius Peppers.
  15. ThreeSportStar80

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    I would dare to say Mario Williams is a tad bit better athlete than Canty and don't get me wrong I like the potential of Canty.

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