Dennard to the Pats

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by a_minimalist, Apr 28, 2012.

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    You're right Brown was the #1 RB coming out of high school and 2009 was the same year Trent Richardson came out of high school being the #2 RB in the nation that year.

    Bryce Brown from what I've read on him is that he had alot of personal problems off the field and also read where being that he's from Kansas he realy didn't like being at Tennessee because he was home sick which is a common thing for alot of use when we travel and live far from home.

    He's a classic example of a fall from grace type player I really liked him coming out of high school as a player even though he's going to a rival like the Eagles I hope it works out for the young man.
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    I hope he is able to redeem himself in some fashion. I don't hope for people to fail, but I also see that he may struggle with the expectations at this level. I don't think that the NFL is the place where he's going to do it. He appears to need stability and a chance to mature. Perhaps Arena football or a shot at the CFL might be a better bet. He might wind up there in any event.

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