Depressing Playoff Stat: Warning: could upset you

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by coult44, Jan 13, 2014.

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    Here is a list of teams that have been in the NFC Championship game since the last time we were:

    West: San Francisco(4), St.Louis(2), Arizona, Seattle(2)
    South: Carolina(3), New Orleans(2), Tampa Bay(2), Atlanta(3)
    North: Green Bay(4), Minnesota(3), Chicago(2),
    East: New York(3), Philadelphia(5),

    Dallas, Detroit, and Washington are the only teams not to appear in the NFC Championship since 1996.
    That's 18 years with 36 spots available and we haven't been there ONE TIME....

    In the AFC:

    West: Denver(4), Oakland(2),San Diego
    South: Indianapolis(3), Tennessee(2), Jacksonville(2)
    East: New England(9), New York(3),
    North: Pittsburgh(6), Baltimore(4),

    Kansas City, Miami, Buffalo, Houston, Cincinnati, Cleveland, are the teams that have not made it to the conference championship game....

    I'm not even going to look at the Super Bowl champs because I've already tortured myself enough, but as you can see this list is VERY UGLY, and should be inexcusable for the Dallas Cowboys. When you think fans that are under the age of 19 have to compare their favorite team with the likes of Detroit, Cleveland, or Cincinnati it is a brutal shame. When the fans of "AMERICA'S TEAM" can't say we have been better than Oakland, Arizona, Jacksonville, or Tampa Bay in almost 20 years, it should be a crime and is beyond embarrassing.

    You can blame every player to ever wear the star. You can say the talent hasn't been good enough, or the injuries have killed us. You can blame every coach from Jason Garret to Dave Campo, and every OC and DC in between. However, after looking at these facts; there is NOTHING you could ever say that could defend our owner and GM, Jerry Jones. He has degraded the STAR and this franchise more than anything or anyone ever could!!!

    I read last week where someone said that the Cowboys were bigger than Jerry Jones. That might be true, but that is impossible to see right now, and will be until the day he is out of the picture.
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    9 AFC Championship games for the Patriots (8 I believe with BB as HC). Incredible.

    Heck, this one this year is maybe the most impressive.

    When Danny Amendola and J. Edelman are your #1WR and #2WR and your team still gets to the playoff on the heals of NFL cast-offs and rejects like LaGarrette Blount, Aquib Talib, and Rob Ninkovich lead the way, you know the coach is great.
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    The Patriots have a great head coach who finds football players through out his team. Top to bottom. We don't. We have Jerry Jones calling the shots, an oil man. It's like going to the gas station to get a tooth pulled.
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    Frankly one of (if not the) best ever.

    Landry, Brown, Lombardi etc. never had to deal with player turnover generated by the cap.

    Yet nearly every year he puts a competitive team on the field.

    And yet I know he’s had Brady, but still went 11-5 when Brady went down in the first game of the 2008 season and was replaced by Matt Cassel.
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    Nonsense! Coaching is overrated! Everyone knows all you need is the right guy to train and you'll have a first class ticket to awesomeness!

  7. dragon_mikal

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    To be fair he does it in a much more watered down league and in one of the worst divisions in football yearly. He is an all time great but just like you can't compare players of different eras you can't really compare coaches, either.
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    I'm not sure what is more disturbing...having a head coach in training or having Jerry Jones training my head coach.
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    This isn't a comment on Hoodie. He's done incredible work in the age of parity to be a constant. I more wanted to comment on your last sentence. I agree completely. I find it comical when I people bring up Landry and Knoll when they try and compare JG. First of all Landry was known as a defensive genius and innovator before he took over. Back then you had less teams and different roster rules. We were an expansion team that needed molding. These days teams can flip a switch because rosters turn over so much and The cap can benefit a lesser team with some room and a little talent that gets the right guidance. Two completely different leagues. Comparing coaches makes zero sense. I heard this same stuff from Texans fans about Kubiak and they wasted 3-4 years of talent waiting in him to change. Patience isn't a virtue in this league right now when you see the teams that turn it around.

    Another side note to this that I heard yesterday....Harbaughis the first guy to...including playoff 13 games a season his first 3 years. Also first to make NFC or AFC Champ game first 3 years.
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    But that’s why he’s so good.

    The league is designed to be watered down, but each year he finds a way to rise above it.

    His team suffers injuries that consign Dallas to also-rans but still they get the job done.

    Some years ago they were so short of corner backs he had one of his wide receivers play the position and he was effective.

    The same couldn’t be said for Dallas (or probably most other teams to be fair).
  11. Future

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    The difference is there BB makes game plans and schemes to his player's strengths...which is the exact opposite of what Red does.
  12. Fmart322

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    That's all covered under having BB as a HC.
  13. visionary

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    news flash: more depressing stats coming up next year

    HC: jason garrett, OC: bill callahan, DC: monte kiffin, GM: jerry jones

    sounds like a recipe for depression
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    I can't wait to share this with my Washington fan coworkers
  15. Double Trouble

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    When you look at the league as a whole, Belichick is just in a class by himself.

    Brady is great and is in the discussion of the best QBs ever. But so is Manning. And Aaron Rodgers is, IMO, the best player in the NFL, and certainly the best QB. Yet, Manning and Rodgers only have 5 championship game appearances, combined.

    What Brady has that those guys don't is Belichick.
  16. CATCH17

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    I can't get anymore upset because honestly I don't see any hope with this franchise.

    It's sucks that I know how much of a waste next season is before it even starts and that we are just delaying the inevitable.
  17. StarBoyz83

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    Dallas wont make it anytime in the next 10 years either.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Belichick is obviously a great football coach.

    But... He has only won SB when he was cheating.
    He has lost 2 since he was caught.

    This had been the most impressive patriots season IMO... BUT I am giving credit to Brady more than Belichick.

    With all that said. I think maybe, just maybe we win one superbowl since 1996 with Belichick. Maybe, just maybe 2 SBs.
  19. perrykemp

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    The Patriots are still one of 32 teams --
    I dunno, I view it as the Patriots just got busted doing what a lot of other teams, including the Cowboys, have been doing for years.

    Where they got stupid is they were sternly warned and ignored it -- and the NFL came down hard on them.
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    I think their QB is pretty good too.

    Bill Belichick before Tom Brady:
    * 41-56 record in 6 years as HC without Brady
    * 1 playoff victory in 6 years.

    Bill Belichick after Tom Brady became starter:
    * 158-50 record in 13 years
    * 18 playoff victories in 13 years
    * 3 Superbowls

    So unless Belichick sold his soul to devil at crossroad and instantly became this great HC, it appear Tom Brady took a marginal HC and made him great.

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