Depressing Playoff Stat: Warning: could upset you

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by coult44, Jan 13, 2014.

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    That seems to be the criteria of fans of every team. Im sure players and coaches want to play in the superbowl. I hate this about fans the most. They seiem to think their mindset is the players. I doubt there is a player in sports who doesnt want to play in any championship.
  2. Double Trouble

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    No the stretch is you acting like only the Patriots were doing it.

    Jimmy Johnson said he did it. You think all our SBs are illegitimate? For that matter, Johnson said everyone did it. I recall Jack Del Rio saying the same thing, that every team was doing it. The NFL knew this and told everyone to stop taping signals the season prior to when the Pats were turned in by Mangini. The only difference is the Pats still did it in 2006, after the NFL told them to stop.

    So basically, anyone acting as though the Pats titles, or Belichick's legacy, is in any way diminished is ignorant, or more likely, just blatantly ignoring the facts.
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    No doubt Brady plays a big part, just like Amman and Roger played big parts for Landry and Johnson.
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    Fair or not, unless lil' Bill wins another Superbowl, spygate will haunt him forever.
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    Belichick/Brady and Jimmy/Jerry are similar in that both pairs needed each other.
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    the sad part is when you have dark times like this, usually there is a light at the end of the tunnel. just look at san fran. they had many dark years but they at least drafted well and have something to show for it now. us? we are stuck in this darkness for years and years to come. things are only going to get worse.
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    To me, winning a SB isn't the only thing. It's about having a chance.

    What I expect to see from the Cowboys is a perpetual contender. And by contender, I mean a SB contender, not a team that sneaks into the playoffs at 8-8 or 9-7. What AZ did in 2008 might be fun for a bit, but in reality, it was a mirage. They hadn't build the foundation of a team that could contend for years.

    But we're seeing that it can be done. The Ravens, Pats, Colts, Steelers, Saints and now the 49ers are showing it can be done. Even in the salary cap era, good organizations can build teams that can contend for 5 or 10 years. That's what I want to see in Dallas. And given what we've had for nearly 2 decades, Jones has had more than enough time to prove he can't do it, to say nothing of the nonprofessional atmosphere he's instilled that is present throughtout the organization.

  8. texbumthelife

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    I think we all know what needs to happen.

    It's time to move to the AFC South.
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    I think Brady has a little something to do with that too.
  10. Zordon

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    "the nfl wants everyone to be .500"...quote of the year from the idiot. like you said, other franchises are doing just fine remaining competitive every year despite that theory from Jerry and his backers.
  11. LatinMind

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    Is jones playing? Im sure the people who were there for that eagles game will laugh in your face about that nonprofessional atmosphere. All these games Dallas has had that couldve put them in the playoffs did Jones lose? These statements about Jones running this team into the ground when they are in games that could take them into the playoffs and the players lose. But its still Jerry Jones fault and he's ruining the team.
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    They won allot of games during that time by 3 points or less including all 3 of their SB titles. Take away the filming and they don't even get to those super bowls much less win them. They were the ignorant ones to keep on doing it. Great coach and great run for him and Brady but they we're still cheating.
  13. TwoDeep3

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    And yet we are told by some here that setting the bar at the NFC Championship game is unrealistic, and due to the current nature of the league the Dallas fans of old who hold the team responsible for the results are spoiled.

    I have to wonder if this attitude is that of the Millennials.
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    Jerry Jones won us 3 Super Bowls. He'll do anything to win. He's the greatest owner in sports history.

    He jumped up and down the table to over-rule BP and draft Demarcus Ware.

    We were in the running for three years straight all the way to the last game.

    31 other teams won't win the Super Bowl either this year.
  15. NJ22

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    When Jimmy left we went from the Pats to the Browns.
  16. coult44

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    If you can't admit that JJ is the worst GM in professional sports something is wrong with your thought process. ANY GM or other front office guy in the NFL, with his record or resume, would have been fired 5 times in the past 19 years...if you think otherwise than prove it. Tell me any other GM that has a worse record and more fails since can't!!!
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  18. perrykemp

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    Wow. So much falsehood packed into three tiny sentences.
  19. Coy

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    No doubt Brady is an all-time QB but so is Belichick as a HC, the one season Brady was out for the year in NE, the Patrios were 11-5 with Cassel as a QB for crying out loud, only a good HC can manage that, look at the record when we lost Romo (not that he is in Brady┬┤s league), or when GB lost Rodgers or when Indy lost Peyton, when a franchise QB goes down the team collapses unless you have a great HC.
    Walsh needed Montana, Jimmy needed Troy, what did both coaches do without them? Nothing but they were still great HC IMO.
  20. Seven

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    IMPROVEMENT. Really simple.

    Improvement gets you to at least the playoffs.

    Secondly, and I have said this a thousand times.....I could give a rats *** when it comes to other teams and their respective owners.

    You're right. '07 AND '09 were semi-fun football years. Dallas failed again. Haven't been there since '95. What's your point?

    And why do you feel compelled to defend jerry? I never mentioned him in my post. Hmmmmm........

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