Depressing Playoff Stat: Warning: could upset you

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by coult44, Jan 13, 2014.

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    I have looked at them, and I'm still wondering about the questions I've asked you. 1) Is Jerry the worst GM in the NFL? If not, who's worse and why? 2) Would any other GM with JJ's resume still have his job, and would you support him if he did? Don't give me the run of the mill answer, "JJ's not going anywhere, so the point is not worth answering".....Nothing we say on an internet fan site is going to change anything about anything, it's a discussion site. Does that mean this site go's away? NO, you have your opinions, and I'm asking you to convince anyone here that they are not hogwash by validating them with some facts....
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    Thanx..I think.

    I get reminded of this every time I see Aikman, Jimster, Moose and Irvin as commentators.

    These guys are going to be phased out and other guys from more recent teams are going to be used.

    Then I'll really be missing better times with this ownership.
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    I will go one further. In the last now 20 years you can only find one 4 year span that MAYBE he would have kept his GM job 2006-2009. Are these people joking, 12 years old or just punchy? I choose to believe they are joking or Jones family members.

    I am guessing they are very young. If that is the case I give them a pass because I too used to say these same ridiculous statements about Jerry caring so much blah blah blah. They will see unfortunately.
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    Very clearly explained myself in the post on laughing at ur face. But you went on something
    Ive answered all those. Ur just looking for an answer that satisfies what u want to read. go look elsewhere
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    That Pats have a QB that has put them in position to be super competitive for over a decade. We need one of those. So BB simply keeps a wall in front of him to protect him.
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    I guess then Bill Walsh is also dubious since he enjoyed having Joe Montana in San Francisco.:cool:
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    They have the biggest cheater in the history of the game... If Goodell didn't burn the evidence, we would know to what extent this guy cheats and cheated.

    Him and Brady....
  8. Ultra Warrior

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    Aside from Green Bay & New York, very few won anything beyond that game, so woopdeedoo. Most ended the season, the same as the Cowboys. Not hoisting the Lombardi & that's all that really matters.
  9. khiladi

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    One more thing, the Patriots OL gets very little credit. Brady has all day to sit in the pocket. The day that OL goes bye bye....

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Fact: yes, and now they lose them.
    I can do this all day. Lol
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    Sarcasm. Don't you love it? :)
  12. Risen Star

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    Well, I don't remember Walsh failing as a head coach before Montana arrived as Belichick did.

    I think he was a very good coach but I wouldn't put him ahead of Parcells. When you can go anywhere and coach for anyone at any age and turn a team around, that's impressive.
  13. NJ22

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    That is what I heard about Aikman. That line has had plenty of turnover since Brady got there. They have great coaching and get good players. Used to drive me nuts in the 90s haters would tell me emmitt was only good because of the line, Irvin was only good because he had Aikman and Troy was only good because he had that running game and line, but of course the line was only good because of the triplets! LOL i was like SOMEONE has to be good on this team!!
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    Really? Do you think Panther and Eagle fans feel that way? Or Saint or Colt fans? I bet they are all looking forward to 2014 with a lot of enthusiasm. Are you?
  15. MikeT22

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    But, but, but, it's cyclical. [/sarcasm]
  16. HappyOnions

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    lol at people acting like this is irrelevant information.

    Sure, losing an NFC championship game isn't something to write home about, but at least those teams were competitive and good enough to reach it in the first place; same goes for the Super Bowl losers.

    Sorry, but I'd feel pretty good even if our team was in the playoffs on a consistent basis. What has this team done since our last championship game appearance? Absolutely nothing.
  17. gimmesix

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    Yes, but getting caught cheating will always cast a shadow on Belichick's place among the all-time greats with me.

    He's definitely proven that he's a good head coach, but we know he cheated to be "great" and we don't know exactly to what extent he has cheated and might be cheating still.

    Would feel the same way if I found out that Landry or Lombardi used illegal means to get an edge on their opponents. You're not a great coach if you have to cheat to win.
  18. SilverStarCowboy

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    Tom BrADy IS tha' DEBIL!


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