Derek Dooley hired as WR Coach... Robinson to remain as consultant

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bowdown27, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Stop worrying what Tenn fans are saying. They are bitter and they have a right to be. Dooley was clearly in over his head when he was tasked with being the man in charge but that has zero to do with his ability to be a position coach. The fact that he was hired as a head coach for an SEC teams tells me that he did pretty good work as a position coach at some point. It tells me he earned a good reputation and was endorsed by people who's opinion carried weight. You don't get that job without those things. He simply proved he wasn't a leader and couldn't handle all the other things that come with being the head coach. Many people are like this. Give them a task and nobody is better but put them in charge and tell them to make the final decisions and they fold under the pressure. I will at least give him a chance before proclaiming him a failure but I am glad Robinson will still be around to help him out a little.
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    Maybe the people included was his legendary father.
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    I think that he has some health problems. This was discussed in another thread. Someone mentioned that he might have had some lingering issues from the concussion that he suffered when he got run over on the sidelines.
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    If I'd have known we were going to only get Robinson for a year, then I'd rather we kept Ray Sherman around.

    Don't get me wrong Robinson is one of the very best in the game and it seemed he was making great strides with Dez. Glad he's sticking around as a consultant.

    But we went from one of the very best coaches in the entire game to Derrick freakin Dooley?

    WR is a position that costed us a lot of football games last year, think about it - Dez running the wrong routes and Ogletree letting the ball bounce off his face against Chicago for a pick in the red zone.

    As much as we struggle up front, we can't expect Romo to do it all. I don't like the move, I can already see our guys going through the motions next year while this guy tries to keep them straight. Especially Dez, he's already the next 'superstar' in Dallas and he's going to walk all over this guy.


    So far we've got a 72 year old guy on the verge of hospice, a really good DL coach that probably should just be our DC, no offensive playcaller, a WR coach that was hired because the Saban connection, and some random special teams coach.

    I don't consider this offseason a win, no matter how anyone tries to spin it.

    If anything all these moves just give credence to the conspiracy that Jerry has a Gruden-friendly staff if Garrett screws up next year. Which even hiring him is stupid IMO. I just don't know anymore, after 17 years I may not know what a good coaching staff looks like - but I damn sure know what a bad one looks like.
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    Derek Dooley = Wade Phillips

    Bad Head Coach
    Good assistant coach
    Legendary Father
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    Someone has dealt with him?

    It would be interesting to hear from them again with a little more detail.
  7. Doomsday101

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    He is not coming to Dallas as a HC as he was in Tenn.

    Garrett has worked with Dooley and is comfortable with him working as a position coach. As such he will carry out the assignments of the OC and the HC.
  8. Gaede

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    Yeah, it was in the previous Dooley thread. He seemed legit, IMO.

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    Why is Robinson staying on as a consultant? His overall body of work is below average. He did wonders with Dez and Harris showed improvement but Miles regressed and Ogletree never improved over the years. We need a clean break from Robinson. Let Dooley perform his job without a shadow otherwise why bring Dooley on board.
  10. Double Trouble

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    All I can do is laugh.

    Should mesh real well with Dez Bryant.
  11. Doomsday101

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    Miles suffered injury I would not say he regressed. When healthy Miles is still a very good WR. Ogletree as a UDFA is no big loss. Robinson body of work through out his career is a big reason they would want to keep him in a consultant role.
  12. Apollo Creed

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    Same thing I thought. Dez is gonna walk all over this clown.
  13. Doomsday101

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    Dez like the other players on offense will answer to the OC. Dooley will work under the OC like any offensive position coach and while they will have a lot of one on one work it will also be done under the supervision of Callahan and Garrett. You guys get carried away with yourself. I know many who just love to find things to rip the Cowboys over but use a little common sense
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    He has only been with the Cowboys for 2 years.
  15. InmanRoshi

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    I have a hard time believing Nick Saban puts "clowns" on his staff for 6 consecutive years on two different stops.

    Why would anyone put stock into what other fans say? Most fans are idiots with barely a rudimentary knowledge of the game and still think Ray Lewis is currently one of the best linebackers in the NFL. You can take that stereotype and triple it for fans of an SEC program.
  16. Idgit

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    Is this really the issue with Dez? I think it's more being disorganized and running late and being slow to pickup concepts than it is anything with him being intractable.

    Don't really like the hire on the surface, but it's someone Garrett has a connection with. He probably knows what he's getting and is comfortable with it. I wonder what the hold up was, though, in pulling the trigger here. It seemed like they were keeping the position coaching spots open in case they wanted to juggle the roster running game coordinator/passing game coordinator style. Filling this slot just means they were a little slow filling the RB and TEs coaching spots as far as I can tell, with no named candidates (other than Sam Gash, I guess) in sight.
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    A lawyer trying to prosecute some of Dooley's players. I can't imagine a good character reference coming out of that, no matter who the coach is.

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    If Dez does this, then he would be the clown, not the coach.

    And in that case, you should be coming down on Dez and not his coach.
  19. Cowboys22

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    I agree. If your WR coach has to be a babysitter for your #1 WR, then I think it's time to get another #1 WR. If Dez regresses then it's on him and it would be proof that he never really grew up anyway. He supposedly now knows the offense and it's going to be the same offense so he has no excuses for regressing. If he has the desire to be one of the best in the league, then he shouldn't care who the WR coach is. Just go out and do your job.
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    I'm a huge Vol fan and I think Dooley needed to go. He had lost the fan base and the program is in steep decline that began under Phil Fulmer. Dooley definitely didn't have what it takes to resurrect a program that is in the condition the UT program is in. He is a good offensive coach, but the reason Saban kept him around and the reason UT hired him was for his recruiting abilities. He knows offensive talent: Quarterbacks, receivers, and offensive lineman, not so much running backs. As bad as Dallas has been at picking OL for the past decade. I actually feel better with Dooley there. He knows offensive lineman. Can he teach receivers? I don't know. He is smart, energetic, and gives attention to detail. But I think he is here because he can spot talent on the offensive side of the ball.

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