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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by PJCOWBOYS, Nov 16, 2005.


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    my fav-

    QUOTE (Farawaylion @ Nov 15 2005, 06:22 AM)
    I can't believe everyone here is scared of the Cowboys lol. Why do they totaly intimidate everyone here? Are they undefeated?

    Maybe because we are Lions fans and our team sucks?
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    Having lived in Detroit for 8 years, I will tell you, there is stong contingent of Cowboy fans. Heck sometimes, now living in DFW area, I saw more cowboys emblems on cars in Detroit than I see in this area.

    The three games I have been at Lions stadium, I would say at least 40% was cowboys fans.

    But yeah, I am pretty sure, Lions fans are not confident. One thing I will say for Lions fans though. They got to be the most loyal fans in NFL. No matter how many losing seasons they have, they still have a waiting list for season tickets, when I last knew ( 2003). And one thing they have above cowboys fans in DFW, is, that they make a lot of noise at their stadium.

    Although I have to see when I have been to Redskins game this year on MNF, man, the stadium was just electric. We lost the damn game, but the atmosphere was just deafening at times.
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    Yikes. Reading some of the threads there, they've all but given up.,
  6. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    Holy Crap.

    Those guys have absolutely no faith in their team. That is some funny stuff.
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    Man I hope I never get so down on the boys


    oh I almost forgot Go Harvesters beat the Sandies, Rebels:)
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    Hey Zaxor, Have you heard about WT? They finished 10-1 and have the #1 seed in the Southwest Region. They get home field this Sat. against Pittsburg State.

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    I'm not used to fans coming in and saying this. Usually the entire world thinks they'll post 40 points on the defense.

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    Geezzzz....that was depressing to read. I almost feel sorry for them. The fact that they ALWAYS play us tough makes me nervous.

    We are at a point with this team where we should beat this team in a convincing manner...I hope we show we are at this point. There is no reason this should even be a game by second half...however it most likely will be.
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    These ''winnable'' games usually get outta hand. I really dont expect dallas to blow out detroit. but ya' never know! Lets hope Bledsoe and PP hoOk up with another bomb or two and finish these guys early.....

    GO Cowboys!!
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    I always liked the Lions, I was never a fan, but liked the team. I think it stems from me liking Barry Sanders as a kid.

    If the Mavericks can make a turn around, then so can the Lions one day.
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    The Den is the only Lions forum I really bother with.

    But seriously the Lions are in disarray so go easy on Lions fans, k?
  14. koolaid

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    these forums are hilarious, as someone who lives in michigan, this level of football depression is exactly what i see with the local lions fans
  15. koolaid

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    "Welcome to our Lions board. I just want to give you a heads up, you aren't going to find too many takers this week that will want to smack talk back at you. We're pretty much resigned to the fact that Dallas' D-line will smoke the Lions O-line and the rest will be history.

    The Lions D is completely tore up with injuries so the Cowboys O should steam roll them."

    Poor lions fans :eek:wned: :cheers:
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    I was born in Michigan too I have to look up some buddy's to bet! :laugh2:
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    I don't know whether to call them pessimists or realists. They seem to blend the two together.

    By the way, I was too young to remember this game.

    Actually the quadruplets played very well that game. The Lions quads that is.

    Sept. 19, 1994 - In one of the most dramatic contests in recent memory, Detroit slipped past the two-time defending Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys as Jason Hanson drilled a 44-yard field goal with 32 seconds left in overtime to give the Lions a 20-17 win. Detroit snapped a four-game Monday Night Football losing streak as its defense forced three Cowboy turnovers (two in OT) and Barry Sanders tallied 194 yards rushing (second-highest in his career) on a club-record 40 carries. Dallas staked itself to a 7-0 lead after Troy Aikman hit Alvin Harper on a 17-yard strike to culminate an 80-yard drive on the game's opening possession. Detroit stormed back with a Hanson 32-yard field goal and Scott Mitchell (13-of-27 for 134 yards and 2 TDs) scoring tosses to Brett Perriman and Herman Moore to take a 17-7 lead midway through the third quarter. Detroit's defense stiffened after Dallas had first-and-goal at the Lion eight-yard line on the following drive, forcing Chris Boniol's 19-yard field goal to shrink the lead to 17-10. Emmitt Smith scampered six yards for the tying TD with 4:09 remaining in regulation. Hanson had a 57-yard attempt blocked by Dallas' Leon Lett on the final play of the fourth quarter setting up a wild overtime period. In overtime, Detroit took the kickoff to the Dallas 34-yard line setting up another chance for Hanson, but Lett blocked his second-consecutive Hanson offering to keep the score knotted. The next two Dallas drives were snuffed when Pat Swilling (one sack and seven solo tackles) recovered a fumble after Dallas G Derek Kennard caught a tipped pass, and Broderick Thomas (one sack and nine tackles) pounced on an Aikman fumble, giving Detroit possession at the Dallas 43-yard line and setting up Hanson's third chance at heroics. Detroit was also aided by a gutsy performance by Chris Spielman, who tallied 17 tackles (one short of his career-high) and two passes defensed.

    Leon Lett blocked two GAMEWINNING field goals in the 4th and OT, respectively. Was he a starter yet at that time? Hopefully that 6'7" guy we brought in can block a FG or two this season.

    Unfortunately I became a diehard Cowboy fan the year of the last Superbowl, actually I was a fairweather fan on the verge of diehard. So I don't remember much of the glory days. The first years of remembering the Cowboys came under Aikman's last days, 5-11 every season, Irvin at the Vet *shudder,* sigh, if only I was born 5 years earlier.
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    Just read their site - damn, it's even more depressing reading their "doom & gloom" game prediction. After scanning a couple of pages, I couldn't stand it anymore and left.

    Man, it must suck to be a Lions fan.
  19. ChldsPlay

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    I remember that game. Emmitt had a great night as well. It was an unfortunate loss. If I remember correctly, this was the first game after Erik Williams car accident?
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    We beat Detroit 31-21 last year and bea them like dog meat 38-7 the year before that with, gasp, Quincy Carter at QB. And in the Detroit game last year we didn't have Glenn.

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