Dez 3 catches where is the outrage?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by egn22, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. egn22

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    i'm just trying to figure out why there isn't absolute outrage over Dez only having 3 receptions, 2 of which were TD receptions.
    why isn't this THE main topic in Cowboys news today. forget the rant, forget the hold, forget the lack of a running game, forget the defense, forget megatron, why did our best offensive weapon only touch the ball 3 times?????

    Why isn't Garretts behind firmly on the hot seat? Why isn't Garrett being asked to take some blame for this???

    The only thing i hate about the Dez rant is the fact that it overshadowed the poor coaching job by Garrett, and gave the media a juicy story to follow.
  2. rocyaice

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    Because Garrett isn't the one calling the plays or throwing the football. You took away his "playcalling" duties so you can no longer use him as a scapegoat for why this offense is terrible unless you want to blame the plays themselves.
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  3. 17yearsandcounting

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    Total crap.

    I am willing to bet that you blamed the hell out of Waddles for things that were completely out of his direct influence.
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  4. mugsybows

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    i would love to see tony go to dez more but for some reason its not happening and i dont know why.
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  5. RoyTheHammer

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    Dez- 5 targets

    CJ- 16 targets

    Enough said.. (you would think).

    Also, T Will- 10 targets, 2 catches.

    I guess this is why there isn't more outrage.

    Even if Dez had been given 15 targets there isn't any evidence that it would have led to many more catches anyway.. considering Romo couldn't hit the broad side of a barn yesterday.
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  6. visionary

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    It is ludicrous, i agree with you

    Garrett is absolutely responsible but he is in the "family portrait" of the only person that can hold him accountable and there is a reason why he is called 'teflon garrett'
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  7. Jenky

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    No effort to move Dez around. The other team plays Calvin everywhere. Garrett and/or Callahan are both too stupid to do this. They'll run Dez into double coverage everytime and when there's 20 minutes left in the game, they'll start forcing **** to Dez.

    The offensive scheme is too idiotic, it's sickening.
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  8. big dog cowboy

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    Didn't I see Romo target TWill on 5 straight passes in the first half?
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  9. RoyTheHammer

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    The thing is.. even if they did run him into double coverage every play on the same side ofthe field against the same defenders.. he'd still beat them.

  10. ajk23az

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    Prior to this game, Dez was T4th in the NFL in targets at 71 w/ Andre Johnson. AJ Green led the league in targets with 78. Calvin was at 62.

    Nobody can say Tony doesn't throw the ball to him.
  11. khiladi

    khiladi Well-Known Member

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    Yes, we do want to blame them for the plays themselves.. Especially considering the WR routes are one of the reasons his mortal enemies have been bashing him for. His brother was the passing game coordinator last year and these clowns are still running this atrocity. They run him into double-coverage...
  12. Jenky

    Jenky Well-Known Member

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    Terrance had 10 targets cause he was mostly one on one. From what I could tell, Witten was drawing double teams and Dez had a safety shade to his side. But again, the coaches are too dumb to move players around, set natural picks, run crossing routes, etc.
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  13. khiladi

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  14. rocyaice

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    I didn't see a problem with the routes Dez, Witten and Miles were runnning last year when they had over 3,000 yards between them.
  15. CaptainCreed

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    I made a thread about dez and Witten receiving a combined one target all day on third down, Dez's first TD. Romo was 2-12 throwing to everyone else on third down. No love CZ?
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  16. khiladi

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    You didn't see a problem when they were among the worst in the league in first half offense and pitful in red zone offense? But you probably won't ge the connection....
  17. Jenky

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    Romo's pre-snap reads are very telling. Look where Dez lines up and then look at the coverage. If the safety is cheating to his side, Romo will totally discount him. Dez becomes the last progression in Tony's read. That's fine and dandy. Romo doesn't want to force stuff into double coverage. So move Dez around and take the safety out of that play. Make a LB have to switch off or something. Confuse the defense.

    This is part of the reason as to why the offense is so predictable.
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  18. JohnsKey19

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    I'm sure there is plenty of outrage. I'm just tired of repeating myself. We treat our only true dominant player like he's Kevin Ogletree or something. It seems so simple yet.....
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  19. Staubacher

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    But they keep saying it.

    People here don't think. Teams game plan vs Dez. It makes sense to exploit that early in the game with the other one on one matchups. Tony forces it to Dez in the red zone all the time anyway and it works. Also there was little time to throw and Romo was getting hammered. I guess he should just throw jump balls to Dez in double/triple coverage so everyone can then get back to complaining about INTs. Dez is no 6'5" Megatron he doesn't routinely catch jump balls in double or triple coverage. Proof is the halftime hailmary in the previous game that went right thru his hands.

    The fact he has similar targets than the best WRs in the game doesn't shut anyone up. My God we had two game-put-away passing TDs in the 4th and that's still a problem?

    It's not Madden football out there
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  20. ConstantReboot

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    Were still using Garretts playbook aren't we? He still strategizes on what our game plan is supposed to be. Fact is that Garrett didn't do a damn thing about it. Thats because he doesn't know much of whats going on. Heck, why is he still the head coach then?

    I don't understand why so many here defend Garrett is beyond me. Jimmy would never tolerate NOT giving the ball to his playmakers. Jimmy would always find reasons to win those close games. Yet people defend Garrett when we lose and give him credit when we win. Thats crazy.
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