Dez 3 catches where is the outrage?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by egn22, Oct 28, 2013.

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    If the pass is accurate, and you can jump as high as DEZ/Megatron, then throw it in to double coverage. Not all the time, but you have to attack double coverage down field, that's the best place to attack it. Usually the safety is running towards you, and that's when you make a hard break, and for a few seconds, the safety is out of position. And you can catch the ball if at least one of those guys make the wrong move. But the problem I have is with Romo. He doesn't even look Dez's way. Just because the pre snap read is a safety coming over to Dez's side, doesn't mean they won't pull out of it.

    And if I'm the Lions head Coach, I'd tell my safety to pretend like you're going to double Dez, and then pull out after the snap, since Romo thinks he's double covered and won't check to see for sure after the snap.
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    Thats probably what a lot of teams do when they play the Cowboys. This whole audible thing that we do is a moot issue because defenses are dictating how we should play them. They are forcing our hand to change our plays on the LOS then going back to defending the "change up." If I was a defender on another team I would love to play the Cowboys. All I have to do is watch some 22 film about the offense for a week and know exactly how to defend the Cowboys. There is nothing special about this offensive playbook. Everyone already knows what were doing and how to dictate how this offense is being played.
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    Good point
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    Playing catch u will do that which was 80% of 2012
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    Where was the bad offensive line then when the passing game was throwing all over the place per your opinion? You can be a good passing offense without and offensive line, but not just in the red-zone?
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    I didn't think that's what Romo meant by that statement. I'm sure there's a hot read or a player the play is meant to go to but when the opposing team doubles that player than what? He has to go to the next option. Dez should be his first go to at all times. Most of our plays should be around Dez's skillset.

    I agree with the above but I have wondered why we never put Dez in motion. He should be lining up all over the field.

    I don't deny he doesn't have any influence. I stated its his playbook. I stated its more than likely his plays. But he doesn't deserve sole blame for Dez having 6 targets. It shouldn't even take radioing in to Callahan to get Dez the ball. That should be common knowledge. From Romo to Callahan to Wade Wilson to Garrett to whoever.
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    I agree. This offense is so mind boggling to me. You would think our personnel was something like the Chiefs with the way plays are called.

    Yes you can. When you are in the redzone you have to rely on your offensive line to block for you whether its your running game or needing them block for Romo in a short field. Have you noticed this year how when we are in the redzone area Romo has had as much as 5 to 10 seconds to throw at times? Did you see that Bronco's game? I don't know where we rank in redzone efficiency or offense but this year we are definitely a lot better than we were last year. Last year we could get up and down the field and couldn't score in the redzone. This year we can score in the redzone but have problems going up and down the field.
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    I couldn't of said it better myself!!!! Garrett would of made a great lawyer IMO, he always seems to elude convection... Dez helped JG from facing failure once again.
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    my question is when is romo going to get ANY blame for this?
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    Dez was targeted - I believe 6 times - that is inexcusable. Calvin was targeted 16 times. This is a coaching problem on BOTH sides of the ball and for my money - inexcusable.
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    About the play design... We have the simplest offense I have ever seen. No rub routes, no wheel routes sneaking the back out, no backdoor screens, no slant and go's.
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    Actually, it's because they are targetting Dez now... It's his efficiency in thered-zone that is the reason why.. It's the same offenvie line that plays 20 yards from the TD that is playing in-beween the 20s.
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    No disagreement from me. Even in the Bronco's game where fans screamed "Where has this been all year". It wasn't any different than what he's been running. Bronco's refused to blitz us and gave us forever to throw to our receivers. I'm not a fan of it. I hate the routes these guys are asked to run. Rarely receivers in motion. Rarely slants when its clear there's a all out blitz. We make the game far too easy for defenses and their coordinators.

    Yea but you do understand its much easier for a defense to protect the field when there is less field to protect don't you? You also do realize its much harder to run the football in the redzone? Its clear what this teams problem was last year. When a team can march up and down the field and be one of the best offenses in the league yardage wise but be one of the worst in points? Its because you lack a offensive line. Its because when Tony drops back he has a offensive linemen called for a 10 yard penalty and is forced to overcome a 3rd and 15. Or a 2 or 3 yard loss when you try to punch it in with your running back and there's no holes opening up. If you notice, our running game has been a lot better in the redzone as well. Its clear its the offensive line.

    And Dez isn't the only one with redzone TD's. Demarco, Witten and Terrance all have them as well.
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    I think it is because Dez has double coverage and Tony is getting pressure up the middle so to me the first look when pressure is coming goes off the guy where coverage is leaning to.
  15. khiladi

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    So our OL is opening up holes for our running back now?
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    Dez was seldom the first option. All you have to do is watch which way Romo looks first and rarely did he look at Dez first. Then the problem becomes does he have time to find Dez with the second or third option? Garrett said after the game the team struggled to get Tony enough time to go through his progressions. OH, and the reason he wasn't the first option more was because the Lions doubled Dez on most occasions.
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    Look, they were playing the tampa 2, Romo should have known Dez was there a the 22. many plays, they had a safety or two in the box. Please. There that wonderful window in the 2 defense, right before the S gets there, you just have to have the nuts to make the throw.
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    You do know Romo does not call the plays..right? He has two plays at the line of scrimmage, a run and a pass. He calls one in the huddle and Kills it if the other play is a better option. Dez was not the first option because the play called for another receiver to be the option..

    I don't agree with the calls, I am just stating why Tony didn't throw more to Dez.
  19. noshame

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    Well, Tony has the option to change it up at the line yes, but every Qb has a system to let a WR know he's going to him. As soon as Tony saw single cover on either Dez or Williams the ball should have gone there, it will back those safeties out and open up the run at the same time. Until we start changeling people deep there will be no running game.
  20. Alexander

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    Remember the giddy excitement when it was disclosed that Romo would have more of a say in the gameplanning? Well, it looks like we are seeing firsthand the outcome of that.

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