Dez and DMN Bevy of playmaking options at wide receiver, tight end

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    Left receiver
    Quick Synopsis: The Cowboys have X, Y and Z receivers. The X, Dez Bryant, is usually isolated on one side of the field and positioned closer to the line of scrimmage, where he needs to use his strength to create separation. The Y (slot) and Z (flanker) typically line up next to each other, opposite the X receiver. So the role of the left wideout will change depending on where Bryant is deployed.

    2013 review: Nearly 31 percent of the passes targeted for Bryant occurred outside the left hashmark. That’s eight percent more than the pass-catching opportunities he received outside the right hashmark. Bryant made more receptions of 20 or more yards — three — on the left side than he did over the middle or on the right side.


    This is my contention, such as it is.

    Dez is the premiere receiver in the stable of the Dallas Cowboys. But like the article says - I bolded it - he needs to create separation.

    Well don't they all.

    But here is the question I have. Why would you not use Dez in unconventional positions and force the defense to account for him.

    The article goes on to speak about the right receiver and how he lines up on the same side as the slot.

    Motion, moving Dez to other positions, and trying to get him looks against people who would not normally guard him seems to be forward thinking here.

    I could be wrong. Show me why.

    But I might also think on putting Dez in the backfield and running that stupid center the ball to the back play and have him follow blocking.

    Not because I think he'd make a great running back. But because offering that look also makes the defense scoot up to the line.

    Now run wides deep and have him do a wheel route out of the backfield.

    You gonna put a linebacker on Dez? Really? No seriously, a linebacker?

    What Norv brought was a fertile mind that thought outside of the box.

    Hopefully Linehan will have this ability as well.

    But Opie just doesn't impress me as someone who can color outside of the lines.

    So show me where this is stupid. It could be, this is my post. But tell me why this team doesn't pressure the defense to account for this man at every possible point of attack and not just send him outside because, "Well that's the way they did it in my time," says the red headed dolt.

    So edumacate me, people.
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    I hope you're right putting Dez in different spots trying to create different match ups would be awesome. I did hear they were working him out of the slot FWIW, in talking Cowboys.
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    The meat of the post, in two sentences.

    I'm pretty sure Linehan has already been tinkering with moving Dez around a bit. JG's failure to get creative offensively has been pretty well-documented around these parts. It'll be interesting to see what changes and tweaks will actually be made next year.

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