News: Dez Bryant: “I’ll be 100 percent for New England”

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Gryphon, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Gryphon

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    October 5th, 2011
    by Russ Loede

    “I’m about 80-85 percent,” Bryant said after Wednesday’s light practice at Valley Ranch.

    Then came this bold statement from Dez: “I’ll be 100 percent for New England.”

  2. ThreeSportStar80

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    Talk is cheap... I have a wait and see approach with this guy.
  3. Hostile

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    I consider that cheap talk.
  4. big dog cowboy

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    If Romo plays turnover free football, we can win.
  5. casmith07

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    FIFY ;)
  6. Mansta54

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    Dude the kid has been ballin hurt and he's looking forward to being 100%. What's cheap about saying that, I don't get it!!!
  7. dmq

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    I think we should have sat him a week after the injury. This guy 100% is a game changer.
  8. thechosen1n2

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    Why? He was evidently hurt after the punt return in game 1. He didnt play in san fran. He barely practice the week he played the redskins. He was limited in practice and listed as questionable against the lions. (honestly should not have needed in him in the 2nd half anyway) He was 1 of 2 or 3 players that did not quit under Wade last year.

    What exactly are you waiting to see?
  9. masomenos

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    I just hope he's 100% (or near there) after the game. I swear, Dez hits the ground harder than most players. It's as if gravity pulls him down extra hard, as punishment for how effortlessly he defies it.
  10. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    If that is the case he's the best player aside from Brady and Ware on the field.
  11. chip_gilkey

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    At what point will Tyron enter that conversation. After a year or two. Just curious about your opinion.
  12. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    I would say give him a couple of years. He's a great athlete he just needs to bulk up a bit IMO.
  13. CowboyMike

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    If Romo plays turnover free football, we will win.
  14. BraveHeartFan

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    I sure hope he's 100%. If he is he's going to be a nightmare for the Patriots defense.
  15. tyke1doe

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    I like the avatar, thechosen1n2.

    Can you explain the significance? The Cowboys have won five Super Bowls. Right? What's with the broken finger?
  16. Tex

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    "With Bryant and Austin in the lineup, and adding the solid play of Laurent Robinson, the passing attack should provide the Patriots, who are last in the NFL against the pass, with some trouble."

    Would be sweet to see all three in there healthy with Witten against the Pats with the worst pass defense in the NFL! Have they been hurt or do they just sorta suk this year?

  17. Frozen700

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    nope...their D just blows this year
  18. Eskimo

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    He is not yet a better player than Sean Lee, Ratliff, Witten, Miles or Romo. I'm even tempted to say that Tyron Smith has shown more in his short career than Dez has. From the NE roster I think Wes Welker, McCourty, Matt Light, Logan Mankins and Vince Wilfork are also probably better players right now.

    Does Dez even have two 100-yard receiving games to his credit? To answer my own question he has one 100-yard game - he got 104 yards against the Giants last year.

    I see the potential in the kid but I haven't seen much production at WR yet. He needs to know his routes, work on his route running, learn all his adjustments and learn to preserve his body better out there. Otherwise all he will ever be is potential.

    I agree that Dez can become the second best player on our roster behind Ware but I am not convinced he will ever get there. I would be happy if he becomes a big play complement to Miles Austin and Jason Witten and I think he will get there if he keeps himself healthy and avoids any off the field infractions.
  19. TOYSTER17

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    I believe it depicts Kobe Bryant's hand. He had that finger taped up most of the season after hurting/breaking it before winning ring number 5.

    Of course, maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see. :D
  20. Cowboys&LakersFan

    Cowboys&LakersFan Benched

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    Sorry I should've put in paranthesis (in terms of pure football talent)

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