Dez Bryant arrested (911 Call-Post 847) **closed**

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BybeeBlitz, Jul 16, 2012.

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    The police reports simply state her version of the accounts (and that doesn't say he punched her, but that his baseball cap swiped her face). This wasn't verified by the police (there is no evidence of any damage to the face), and Dez step brother already has discredited her story.
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    I doubt it was case of Dez "teeing off" on his own mother. We know there was an altercation with cowboys player that has a checkered past. I am sure a pile of cash from Dez will have momma singing different tune by end of the week. But lets be real...there will be more from Dez.
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    I feel everyone is getting to worked up and emotionally invested into this story without knowing the facts. We all need to relax, take a deep breath, and listen to the soothing sounds of Hall and Oates.
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    So you've already decided that Dez is guilty and the crack addict excon is telling the truth, and when he's not guilty it will only be because the crack addict ex con.

    Wow, how convenient for you that you've positioned yourself this way.

    Since you get to make up your own truth, here is how I think it likely played out. Dez is supporting his mom and paying for her house (how else is she paying rent?). He and his step brother stop by unannounced and finds his mother and another half brother high with drugs out in the open. Dez becomes irate and says he's cutting her off the money because he's not going to pay for their own personal drug den. and that he's got too much to lose to have that stuff in a house associated with him. He and the drug using step brother get into an altercation, and the mother gets in the middle and gets in his face. He grabs her and pushes her away. She calls the police out of spite that Dez has threatened to cut off the money with some incoherent story about about he "threw a ball" at her (which then later morphs into "ball cap" when the police arrive). The police come down and find no evidence of any domestic violence took place, and nothing comes of it. A couple of days later she calls Dez and threatens to file charges unless Dez agrees to put her back on the gravy train. Dez calls her bluff, and she goes to the magistrate with a new more coherent story this time, two welts on her wrist and *voila* an arrest warrant is issued, and Dez is tried and found guilty immediately in the court of public opinion before it even makes it to grand jury by people who REALLLLY desperately and inexplicably want Dez to be guilty of something. She continues to hold the charges over his head until he puts her back on the gravy train.

    All just as feasible, if not more so, than "Dez just cold cocked his own beloved mother while she was knitting him a sweater vest and sipping on homemade lemonade" nonsense I've heard repeated non stop in this tread.
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    No damage to the face?

    She is a handsome woman, is she?
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    Dez Bryant's brother just followed me on twitter. :laugh2:
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    BS. Pure fantasy BS.
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    Ugh, Jason Witten was brought up by his grandparents and his mom was always in the picture. He was raised in a very structured environment with a strong father figure. His grandfather was the high school football coach, heavily active in the community church, and was so beloved in his hometown that they named the city football stadium named after him.

    Explain to me how that was "much worse" than being by raised by a 15 year old crack head and then being essentially homeless after she goes to prison. I'd really love to hear this.
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    People are trying hard to crucify Dez. That's why for his sake I hoped he could stay out of the media. People are ready to pounce on any type of story. Dez's upbringing as bad. I don't care what other player you can find who had a similar upbringing that's doing well for themselves. Dez is not Witten. Dez was raised by a 15 year old child. Dez may have been better off being raised by no one at all to be honest.
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    I think it's T.O. time! "Get Yer Popcorn Ready!"
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    Well that's a good end point lol
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    Umm no.
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    double no.
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    You should make a video on this subject.
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    Says the guy with Dez as his avatar.
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    Most teams deal with something like this every offseason without falling completely apart, is this team really so fragile that they can't handle this?

    It being the Cowboys and Dez makes this a lot bigger then it really is.

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