Dez Bryant arrested (911 Call-Post 847) **closed**

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BybeeBlitz, Jul 16, 2012.

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    Not going to mince words or make the situation sound better than it really is.

    He hit his " mother".....Really? What mother? From everything Ive read this isnt a person who even deserves to carry the title of mother. Spitting out a baby doesnt make you a mother, or a father for that matter. Anybody can do that. Its how you conduct yourself and the example you set for your children.

    People like her make me SICK, and the fact of the matter is there are people like her all across this country. People who dont have the common decency to do right for their children. People who are so self absorbed and selfish that they cant even consider changing their lifestyle no matter how seedy it is after bringing a child into this world. Its sickening............and its GOTTA STOP!

    Do I think Dez is some kind of hard guy gangster? Nope....NO WAY. Just dont see it in him whatsoever. I do believe he is slow though,....a little learning disabled. Why wouldnt he be with parents like that? Heck....its amazing he's made it this far.

    Ive also heard that Bryants step brother said the mother allowed another brother to bring drugs into the home and that was the reason for the fight. I find this VERY EASY to believe. Same Brother also said that Dez in fact DID NOT hit her.

    Just from reading up on the background the last few years I would say that Dez is in a situation where he has a " mother" who is looking to LEACH off of his success. GET WHAT SHE CAN while she can. Then...she will pitch him to the side like a dirty diaper the second the money is gone.

    IMO Dez needs to dump her NOW. Cut her off. Get with team mates that are solid off the field and stay there. Good for the team and more importantly good for him.

    This isnt a bad kid folks,.........this is a kid who is a little slow upstairs who comes from a bad background .
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    And for the record,.......before anyone accuses me of being a Dez apologist......NO WAY. Im a TEAM guy, and always will be. Players come and go all the time,.......but the team always remains. I am a Die hard Dallas Cowboys fan, not a die hard player X or Y Z fan. Once a player moves on I say..........NEXT!...LOL
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    The problem with Dez is that he is a good guy. And this is what causes him to be stuck in these situations. BUT he is also a major distraction for this team. I am sure behind the scenes he needs constant attention and if he is sleeping in meetings and showing up late then that is something he should be changing himself and in his full control. If I were Garrett I would be really frustrated this media circus will be camped outside the opening of camp in Oxnard.
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    It's unfortunate that Dez is going to suffer a black eye from this, regardless of how it ends up. But it seems like he didn't really do much wrong if his brother is telling the truth.
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    Says his brother who was there, says the police report filed the day that they came out to respond to the call, and says his own mother on the 911 call.

    Go play with your dolls..
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    Its pretty easy to see that Dez is a little slow upstairs. Hurt him on the field somewhat his first couple years in terms of running correct routes. Was REALLY looking forward to seeing what the kid could do this year after being in the offense a couple years now. Expected big things to be honest.

    Sadly,....this same learning disability most probably makes him easily manipulated/ led astray. Gonna take some hard work by himself, and others who actually care about the kid to keep him on the straight and narrow. He's always come off as pretty gullible to me. Tough situation......
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    When we drafted Dez, we drafted his family situation and the epossible circus it could cause. They knew about his family I am sure. Like I said in another post, this is a messed up family situation that no one here can judge unless you were there - you may never get the absolute truth from anyone in the family. This should just die off pretty quickly IMO.
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    Actually, the police report indicated that she had no injuries at all when they arrived. No swelling, no bruises, nothing.

    Two days later she mysteriously has all these bruises. Not saying she's a liar or she hurt herself and made up what he did.. but she's a liar and probably made up what he did.

    As has already been noted, if he had done anything to her, those marks and bruises would have been there within hours, not days.. so the police would have noticed them before they left the call on the day they responded.
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    Totally agree with you on this. I think when they start peeling back the layers of this family "onion", you're going to see some hard, ugly sides to the Bryant clan. Who knows what happened. I can see all sorts of scenarios playing out, but the one that I can't see happening is Dez being the "mother beating" evil instigator of the whole thing. If it was in his nature to be that personna, I think this wouldn't be the first time it's come up.

    By the way,somebody on some other thread, of which there are way too many, suggested SHE should "move out" and start her own life. If you listen to the 9-11 call, seems she already lives apart from him, as she didn't even know where his house was. I'd be willing to bet that she's living in a pretty nice house that HE, and the Dallas Cowboys,paid for.
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    Given the history and track record of all involved, this is the most likely scenario.
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    Dez wears saggy pants - Dez yells at people and gets banned from a mall

    Dez gets in a shouting match - Dez cause a fight and police have to intervene

    Dez grabs his mom and pushes her - Dez smacked his mom around and threatened to kill her

    I think no matter what he does, people are gonna make it sound worse.
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    For the record..........In no way am I absolving Bryant from his role in these problems. He needs to grab the bull by the horns and fully understand that HE is the master of his own destiny and is accountable for his own actions. Needs to really man up. Just saying............there is always two sides to every story and in some cases alot more to the story than most people care to find out.
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    What did his brother say?
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    his brother has about as much credibility as his mom.
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    Read the thread. Somebody posted a few things in this thread.
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    Some of you young guys may not remember that time Roger Staubach got thrown out of a mall for wearing Dad jeans the day after getting questioned by the cops for getting in a shouting match with Alan Alda the day after getting arrested for a domestic disturbance that came to be known as the infamous 'just one more slice of bacon' showdown.

    Happenz all the time!
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    No, you are a deadskins fan, a horrible one at that, you talk so much trash about cowboys, this site and members on here, so I don't why you are on this site. :rolleyes:

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