Dez Bryant arrested (911 Call-Post 847) **closed**

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BybeeBlitz, Jul 16, 2012.

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    His mom has already been arrested in the past for providing false testimony to police. Could you please provide me a link where the brother has done the same? okthanxbye.

    There is no reason to believe the brother doesn't have credibility unlesss you REALLY, REALLY want Dez to be guilty of .. well .. something. Anything. Which you've clearly demonstrated you do, in which case I can see where the eye witness at the scene would have absolutely no credibility in your eyes since it goes against the grain of your desired outcome.
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    Thanks. I was hoping for an answer without digging through that monster.
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    His brother tweeted that it was all bunk.
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    Since this thread has grown to many pages, I have closed this thread and started a new thread on this topic. The new thread will also include links to or quotes from this thread making all relevant and important information posted in this thread easier to find and discuss for people who cannot monitor this thread constantly throughout the day.

    The new thread can be found at:


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