Dez Bryant: Fun with multiple endpoints

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jimnabby, Dec 27, 2012.

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    How many receivers have these numbers through their first three seasons?

    200+ receptions (Dez has 196)
    2500+ yards (Dez has 2800)
    25+ TDs (Dez has 27)

    Answer: three. Randy Moss, Jerry Rice and Andre Rison.

    Of course, this is fixed to make Dez look particularly good. In truth, Moss and Rice blow him away: they both had 40+ TDs and 3500+ yards. Rison is actually very comparable (215/3004/26).

    If we relax things a bit, to 190 catches, 2500 yards and 24 TDs, suddenly we have 10 guys on the list (including Dez). Dez compares well on TDs (half the list has 24-26), not so well on yards (all the other guys are over 3000 except for Jimmy Graham). Of course, the way he's going, maybe he'll get to 3000.

    The list is still pretty crazily impressive: Moss, Rice, Rison, and Graham, plus Colston, Fitzgerald, Galloway, John Jefferson (man, imagine if he'd stayed with Fouts for his whole career), and Hakeem Nicks. Yeah, Dez is pretty good.
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    digging a little deeper you see that

    Randy Moss and Andre Rison played 48 games in their first 3 years

    Jerry Rice played 44

    After Dez plays, and dominates, this weekend he will be at 43. Plus Dez was out of football the year before he was drafted.

    Something to think about

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