Dez Bryant making Great decision

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TonyRomo09, Nov 25, 2012.

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    Yeah I'm really proud of him for that. Hopefully he's turned the corner with his on-field and off-field life.
  3. Frozen700

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    He would have killed Hall, would have been great for us to see.

    But then Dez would show the world, and mainly the cowboys, that he is the villain, they all said he was.

    Jerry would maybe release him. He would get another gig, but for a little 1 year cheap contract, and that's all he would be for the rest of his life. He does not want to end up like TO, so he has to be on his "act right" for at least another year or 2, before he duffs anyone
  4. jblaze2004

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    yeah I would of knocked hall's block off after that. And Dez was about to do it the right way with a upper cut to get under the facemask. Hall's chin would of felt that one. Too many people want to throw straight jabs when your only going to hit there facemask. If you really want to connect you have to try a upper cut.
  5. BAZ

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    Wonder if Hall will pick up a fine for that.
  6. dillinger319

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    I would not have been able to restrain from knocking Hall out...... What a clown
  7. loublue22

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    that's 2 things Hall got away with

    look, we played pretty poorly, but I'd like to see how it would have turned out if that PI at the end of the half was called
  8. Joshmil53

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    Dez vs Hall wouldn't even be funny, Dez would jack him up so hard.
  9. Eskimo

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    He needs to study the tape of that Cleveland bus driver versus the big-mouth, trash talking female passenger.
  10. Eskimo

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    It honestly looked like Dez barely felt it but he definitely knew what Hall did and his first reaction was to look for the flag. His second reaction looked like he was going to take things into his own hands if the refs won't. Then his third reaction was I better not because I have a football game to play.

    Many times in his first two years the team had a hard time trying to keep Dez cool and to conserve his energy and maintain his focus throughout the game. It looks more and more like all the work they are doing with him is starting to pay off. In the second half when he got that long TD he just flew down the sideline with no sign of getting gassed despite probably running about 130 yards. Later on the 4th and 4 he made a great catch on the back-shoulder throw while maintain his position in-bounds. Then you could see even at the end of the game he skied for the TD catch, got it but it was then knocked out by the Safety who got a clean hit on the ball. Overall, this was his finest performance as a Cowboy - narrowly edging out his 3 TD game in his rookie season against the Giants.

    I had never been convinced that Dez was truly our #1 WR over a healthy Miles. The way this season has progressed has convinced me that if he can maintain control of his off-field life he'll become a Pro Bowl WR. He might even make it this year if his hot play continues. He went his first 30 or so games in the league with no 100-yard efforts but now has had 3 in about a month.

    I do think we need to compliment him with a slick route runner (? Coale, Beasley), a RAC guy (? Harris) and a speed guy (not on the roster).
  11. RoyTheHammer

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    First.. again, no one punched anyone. It was a little girl slap, to the facemask, which did absolutely nothing except probably hurt Hall's hand a little.

    Second.. i love Dez.. but we're giving him credit for not beating somebody up now?

    Good grief.. how about we give him credit for all the things that he's doing that actually matter? This was nothing.
  12. TheCoolFan

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    :laugh2: Yeah it's getting so bad with this dumb team that people have to single out stuff like this. What's them credit for coming out of the locker room with the right length socks so they don't get fined?
  13. KJJ

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    Hall is a punk someone needs to kick the crap out of him. I remember him jawing with TO when the Cowboys played Atlanta and TO spit in his face. :laugh2:
  14. TTexasTT

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    No need to be ugly.
    I think he showed great poise and restraint and thats somewhat commendable. Even well seasoned vets have let smaller things set them off. With the repuation that Bryant has with many fans I think this really shows some maturity.
  15. StevenOtero

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    Reminds me of the Chris Rock routine...about taking credit for something you're supposed to do.

  16. Clove

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    You mean end up like a Hall Of Famer that was unstoppable, and made millions upon millions?
  17. TonyRomo09

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    Go back and look at the tape.. that was a closed fist that would probably drop you to the ground if it caught the side of your chin.. Dez has the advantage of having a hard plastic padded chin strap. That isn't a joke of a punch. I have seen grown men dropped by slower punches.

    I am crediting him for poise. He kept his head. Many wouldn't in the situation..
    Considering Dez's composure and such are things people talk most about him. I thought I would make a supporting post for his...
  18. Hoofbite

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    I love how everyone who doesn't have a big game check on the line wouldn't have been able to refrain from retaliating.
  19. RoyTheHammer

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    I have the game DVR'd in high def.. not that i need to because it was clearly a slap on the replay they showed during the broadcast. It didn't even move his helmet.. and again, probably hurt Hall's hand more than anything.

    No one punched anyone.. we just have alot of overreactive fans around here.

    EDIT: Lets all stop saying "tape". If you arn't Jason Garrett or paid by the Cowboys organization.. you don't watch "tape".
  20. Section444

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    I have a feeling that a younger Dez would have retaliated.

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