News: Dez Bryant targeted less with Austin back....

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Dec 19, 2011.

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    IRVING -- With Cowboys receiver Miles Austin back from injury the last two games, Dez Bryant's chances have decreased.

    Austin missed four consecutive games with a pulled right hamstring before returning for the game against the Giants a week ago.

    In the four games Austin missed, quarterback Tony Romo targeted Bryant 34 times with passes. Over the last two games in which Austin has played, Romo has only attempted six passes to Bryant (and he's caught five of them). Romo has thrown to Austin 15 times over the last two games (completing nine).

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    It's a nice problem to have. And Dez still has almost 10 TDs on the year and I'll be willing to bet he gets there before the bell tolls on Week 17.
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    In my view it comes down to hitting the open man. Not trying to force it to one WR or the other. If the favorable matchup is Austin then go to him but as far as I'm concerned Romo has done an excellent job of finding his open man and making the accurate pass and in doing so has been able to avoid throwing the picks.
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    Dez will still draw double coverage, even with Austin back. So Austin is going to get targeted more. Romo is looking for the one time when they roll coverage away from Dez. No reason to force it. The man is playing smart ball, and the WR's seem to be happy with the distribution.
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    In other news water is wet.
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    That's going to happen when Romo has 4 guys that he can throw the ball to on a regular basis.

    Romo has the luxury right now of just throwing to whichever one of his playmakers is open in Austin, Bryant, Robinson, and Witten.

    Saturday night was a prime example of how Romo can distribute the ball among them when the offense is clicking.

    Pretty darn great if you ask me.

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