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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Sep 19, 2012.

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    08:02 AM ET 09.19 | An outstanding training camp seems not to have carried into the regular season for Dez Bryant, who had appeared to lay the groundwork for his best pro season. [In Week 2,] Seattle's big, physical corners gave Bryant fits, holding him to three receptions for 17 yards in the Cowboys loss. He was targeted seven times. "I thought at times he did a good job," head coach Jason Garrett said. "Other times, he didn't win on enough routes." ... "Everything's hard. But at the same time, if you keep battling, if you win on some of those routes, you have opportunities for bigger plays. You just have to keep fighting, keep competing throughout the ball game. At times he did that, other times he didn't."

    The Dallas Morning News
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    Let's hope Dez learned from it.
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    Link to this article?
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    I make no excuse for Dez, he had a lousy game. I think some of us expect more because we know he can do a lot more. Dez really needs to show more focus than what he did the last game. He had oppertunities in that game to help turn things around and failed to execute.
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    "Fight through it"

    This is what i hate about Garrett.

    He is the top receiver. If Seattle has game planed to take him out of the game MOVE HIM AROUND to make it hard for them. This is my biggest gripe about Garrett. You need to get your playmakers in positions to succeed. Look at how much the other teams top wideout move around the field to get away from certain matchups.

    Garrett just lines Dez up in the same spot and gives him an unrealistic goal to beat rolled coverage his way. Help the young guy out a little bit by sending him in motion or putting him in the slot. Like this is bad coaching and maximizing potential.
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    Dez had balls thrown to him, he has to make the damn catch, blaming the HC because the WR does not go out and get the job done?
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    Sure he did but the role of a coach is to give a young player confidence. Get him involved in the game. Help him out.

    Usually Dez makes those catches. It was an off game. Just like Witten was dropping more critical catches. It happens. Garrett as the motivator and coach needs to instill that confidence.
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    Part of gaining confidence is making the catch when the QB throws the ball to you. Romo targeted Dez and Dez did not make the play, to lay that at anyone feet other than Dez is pretty sad. I like Dez and I think Dez can become a great WR but he needs his head in the game and he needs to make the plays when they come his way. If not Romo will look to others.
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    They all had lousy games. Dez & Witten probably more so than anyone else.
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    Jason would rather scheme to get Ogletree and Phillips open then his primary weapons. Ive never seen a passing game so unable to get their play makers in position to make some plays.
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    I have never seen playmakers dropping the damn ball as much as Witten and Dez did. They have a responsiblity to make the catch. Witten was targeted 10 times for 4 catches I don't see where Ogletree or Phillips were targeted that many times. Same for Dez the throws where there but he has to make the play. This jumping on Garrett is beyond silly, if anything maybe he should have pulled both Dez and Witten for failure to do their jobs.
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    You're not going to set the league on fire going up against Seattles CBs. Sorry, you're just not. If you watched their game against Arizona, Fitzgerald got next to nothing outside against their CBs and got all of his yards n a few plays working middle gaps against zones and playing slot. Dez had opportunities to get yards working the zones inside just like Fitzgerald did, but he dropped the ball. We already have Miles moving to slot on 3 WR sets because he's well versed and confortable at it. Dez is just now grasping nuances of split end.
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    This week was not going to be a week where we took advantage of the other team's CBs. We had to win with the intermediate stuff and pick our spots downfield. We failed badly at doing that and got beat.

    And it's not JGs job to give confidence to a young WR. It's the WRs job to run his routes properly and win his matchups where he can.

    I'm not getting on Dez for anything by his drop this week, but, overall, yes, I'm disappointed in his slow start to the season. He's a player capable of being a game breaker, and he hasn't had that kind of impact in either of the first two games. The season is long, and there's plenty of time, but he needs to be that kind of player for us to accomplish what we want to accomplish.
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    Had we not dropped as many balls as we did I might agree with you but the bottom line is the plays where there for the taking, you make the play the drive continues you fail to make the play you punt the ball away.

    I expect more out of Dez and I think he will show himself better. His rout running has shown improvement and his understanding of the offense by all accounts has improved, the drops he had in the game is not something Dez has had a history of. I think this is 1 game and the best thing the Cowboys can do is move on and get ready for their home opener vs Tampa.

    After NY game people started talking playoffs and SB and now after 1 loss it is back to the basement. I don't claim either to be the case because I think it is way too early in the season to make any legitimate conclusion.
  15. Idgit

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    I'm not sure we're disagreeing at all here. Dez's drops are on Dez, and they're inexcusable.

    Just saying that this wasn't a week where we were going to feature the WR passing game. We were relying on Witten and Murray being effective to move the chains, and Witten, in particular, didn't deliver.
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    As down as I am with Garrett's play calling, I am sure he is smart enough to know that moving Dez around would help get him open. The problem is, is Dez smart enough to learn the plays? I think he finally learned the plays at the position that he plays, but this is his third year.
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    Thank you! Well go nowhere unless Garrett gets a clue as far as play calling.
  18. blackbull

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    You don't need to be smart to run a drag route. Do it all damn game
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    How does one get him involved in the game when he's covered like a blanket? How is that the coaches fault?
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    He's probably a one contract player in Dallas. Or we really regret giving him the 2nd contract.

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