Dez not living up to expectations? really

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Prossman, Oct 10, 2012.

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    You must have missed the Bears game. Three drops and not breaking off the route lead to the first pick of the game. Other than that he was great.
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    I look forward to Dez making a few Cowboy fans eat serious crow.
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    Those stats are misleading because the game was a lot different when Drew Pearson played. The NFL wasn't near the pass happy league we see today. The Cowboy team Pearson played for during his prime years in the 70's didn't throw the ball near as much as the Cowboys do today Staubach's numbers compared to Romo's speak to that.

    Even though the Cowboys didn't throw the ball a lot Pearson hit his stride during his second year putting up a career high 62 catches for 1067 yards. Dez put up 63 catches for 928 yards during his second season. Pearson was an undrafted FA who played QB in college and was converted to a WR only 2 years before signing with the Cowboys. Dez was a #! pick and was viewed as the best receiver in his draft class.

    As for Irvin he played on a 3-13 Cowboy team his rookie year that had a number of issues including issues at QB. The team was a wreck and he was unable to produce much. That ended up being Tom Landry's last season. The following season in 89 the Cowboys were even worse than in 88 because Jimmy had to tear the Cowboys down and build them back up. Irvin only played 6 games that season due to an ACL injury. In 1990 he was coming off the ACL and played 12 games that season. The Cowboys were still going through a major rebuilding process and Aikman was going through his growing pains as a young QB. All of this affected Irvin's production.

    It took Irvin 4 seasons to hit his stride having to deal with a rebuilding team, an ACL injury and the growing pains of a young Troy Aikman. Pearson, Irvin and Dez all played in different eras with different situations. Dez has been given the most opportunities of any of those receivers at this stage in his career because the Cowboys don't have a Tony Dorsett or an Emmitt Smith and because the Cowboys are a pass first team. The Cowboys can't run the ball especially over the goal line so they have to put the ball up.
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    victor cruz and a.j green would be better comparisons
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    What is wrong with you? Don't you know we're supposed to act like Dez is a scrub and blame him for everything?
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    Bingo. Dez is not living up to expectations

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    Threads like this are laughable!

    Those who defend Dez do so by comparing him to other receivers via statistics.

    There are 2 problems with that:

    First, statistics don't ever tell the whole story and often are void of more relevant information that is unaccountable.

    Secondly, and more importantly, the heart of the Dez criticisms have NOTHING to do with how he measures against other receivers; instead they are about how he measures against his own potential.

    It's evident by now that Dez is uncertain of the playbook. He still disappears in the second half of games. It's even evident he often runs the wrong routes and over-improvises (I.e. what Parcells referred to as street ball).

    It's also evident that Bryant has some pretty good stats. So imagine what he could do production wise if he played two halves of football, knew the playbook and ran good routes. Simply put, he'd be off the charts. That's his potential but he's far from reaching it; hence the criticism is fair and justified.
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    How many drops does he have on the season?

    ..and on the route in question, both Tony and Dez were required to make a read. Dez read the DB attacking the play and coming up immediately, so he moved to get behind him. Still not sure he's the one who made the bad read there. If Tony had read the same thing, that DB is beat no question.
  9. RoyTheHammer

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    Can we cut the hyperbole with the routes and the playbook crap already?

    Show me some evidence that Dez isn't running the right routes or point me to someone on the team or a coach that says he doesn't know the plays.. or else be quiet and stop acting like you know what's going on.

    I have yet to hear a coach or a player say that Dez is still struggling with the playbook this year or not running the correct routes.

    Don't sit here and tell me that "oh its evident" that Dez isn't running the right routes or is uncertain of the playbook when you have no idea what he's supposed to be running or what the plays call for.. it just sounds ridiculous.
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    When u think of Irvin or pearson you think of their entire body of work. Probowls big plays in big games. Not how they started. Years of work behind them. Neither of them walked into the nfl and were instantly the best wr in the game. It like the "Sean Lee is no Ray Lewis argument" Is Dez as good as Irvin or Pearsons entire career? NO! But he is as good as they were at this point in their careers. He has busted his rear this offseason, he knows the playbook, and his routes are as good as any other wr on this team. The Romo int was about Romo reading one thing and Dez seeing another.
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    What do you mean. He didn't know his assignment against the Bears and the pass went the other way for a TD.

    As far as the drops go, you don't remember this thread? You posted in it.

    Throw in a flat out drop against Seattle and another pass he caught, started to bring down and then lost when he was hit by Earl Thomas.

    In the Chicago and Seattle games alone, that's 5.
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    BINGO, Irving was the 1st option, Witten is the 1st option now. Not to mention Michael had a much better O-line to allow him to get deep and Troy.
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    You're wasting your time.
  14. Hoofbite

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    You're asking for something that doesn't, and will not, ever exist regardless of who is guilty.

    The team won't say he doesn't know the plays and they don't blame specific superstar players ever.

    I guess since they haven't blamed either the QB or the WR it's simply nobody's fault.
  15. RoyTheHammer

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    The problem wasn't him not knowing his assignment, as has been stated already. He had a read to make on the play, as well as Tony. He read the DB coming up and attacking the play immediately, so he moved to get behind him and had him beat. Tony just didn't see it the same way. Not as simple as you'd like it to be, but i understand its easier for some to just say Dez didn't know his assignment or his route or his playbook.. because that's the group think.

    I keep asking how many drops he has this season, and people keep referencing this one game. Yes, he had a bad game.. other than that, i've heard of one other drop now, in the Seattle game.

    (Its not a drop when the defender breaks up the pass or knocks the ball loose during the process of a reception, btw.)

    So scratch out the bad game he had, that he owned up to right away and took responsibility for.. he has one drop on the season.

    My, that is an alarming rate.
  16. DC Cowboy

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    Has he dropped more balls than Witten this year?
  17. Clove

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    Counter that with how many times he's actually open, and not thrown to. We can do that all day.
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    Okay, I apologize. Dez didn't make the right read........better?

    You get both hands on the ball, you're expected to make the catch. It wasn't even a huge hit like Ogletree took when he held onto it.

    Scratch out the bad game for what? How about we don't scratch it out in an effort to refute the notion that he's dropping balls.

    If you honestly have to "scratch out" 1 of 4 to make a point you're reaching.

    If we scratched out 1 of the games where he didn't drop a ball, he'd have drops in 2 of 3 games.

    I'm betting he's either close to or already has more drops than he had all of last year.
  19. Hoofbite

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    I dunno, probably not. I don't care. I guess if I did, I'd be in the "Witten Not Living Up To Expectations" thread.
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    2007 roy william has 82 rec for 1300+ yards and a probowl while Calvin Johnson has 48rec 756 yrds and 4 tds.Megatrons rookie yr.
    Megtron 2nd year he has 78 rec for 1331 yrds and 12 tds. nice second year
    3rd year he has 67 rec for 987 yards and 5tds not bad for a 3rd year guy. he caught for over 1100 in year 4 and last year he broke out with 1661 as a superstar in the NFl.
    Megatron is arguably the best wr in the NFl. The guy is a absolute BEAST! But he had to develop , just like dez or anyone else.The last wr i can remember to walk in and dominate the NFL from game one was Randy Moss. 90% of young wrs take 2-3yrs to start to hit their stride.

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